What a Waste....

I think this is a true statement...cynics are nice people with a repressed mean streak.

ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
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3 Responses Jul 2, 2007

i understand all too well ... i wish i'd distrust people longer than i do... considering recent events ... chances are that is in the making.

no I think you got it, even though I didn't convey much...but what you said, you don't put your cynicism on display, is what I'm talking about...you are a nice person with repressed mistrust, mean is not the word, but not trustful...I am the same way but probably way more so...I don't show it very much but I have serious trust issues. I generally avoid talking about myself with most other people, at least anything beyond superficiality. It's a lack of trust. The fear that someone will use the things I say about myself against me.

i dunno ... sure would hate for this to be the first thing you and i disagree on but ... i'm cynical and not by nature. i grew into this as a form of self preservation, self protection, guarding myself from the world and it's many hurts, and so on. i am never 'mean' with it per se but i do tend to be careful who i trust and until i know for certain i am quitely cynical in my own mind - i don't put it on display for all to view. that's rude! perhaps i'm completely off base and not speaking to the truth of what you conveyed ...