Yummmmm!! Cold Pizza

I love cold pizza for breakfast!!! mmm the perfect man is one who turns into a pizza at 4 am

Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody 31-35, F 19 Responses Mar 20, 2010

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I concur! I actually prefer pizza cold.

i love cold pizza!!! yummy!!!!

what with? my tools?? dam honey, me and computers get along fine when they do what I want, when I want - not other wise!

Should of just build one yourself.

couldn't afford one when I upgraded..went with the desktop with all the stuff on it... dam wish I hadn't now..


oh.. dam.. everybody's got one, but me!

That is what i am on right now.

Oh, I've done the ground work.. got a book full of it..just feeling lazy I guess - can think of better things to do, and places to be than stuck working at a computer all day.....I need a laptop!

why is that?

yeah.. lots of storage in my head - all compart mentalised.. I'm good. just wishing someone else would type up my **** for me now

in the box huh?

been worse. how about you?

ok... I'll put her back in her box... and how are you??


hehehe... oh the grotty comments... la la la la la...dreamland honey, dreamland

I take a meat lovers pizza most the time!

oh... wateva Jallen... cold pizza rocks!! Especially when you drag the box back to bed with you...

4of5..hehe it was a quote I found years ago... soooo true though..dam where is my Mr.Perfect??

soo... what are we having??? Hawaiian, meat lovers, bbq chicken?? Come on... ;)

Pizza is so great even cold.