I am a nudist, so going commando seems natural.  Nothing like the feel of clean jeans on the boys.

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There is something immensely more awesome than commando in jeans, commando in a KILT! Nothing freer! Well, other than being nude, but not always practical to be nude at the store!

Agree there is nothing like going commando in jeans.

You sound eminently normal to me. Commando when clothed at other times naked.

LMAO!!!<br />
<br />
you are baiting me mister... = P

Pardon? I am unable to do the licking myself.<br />
<br />
Oh, that is not what you ment.

what a relief.. I was concerned for you!!

Baby bottom smooth. And ohhh sooooo lickable.

hope you shave those boys.. owww!!