To Wear Or Not to Wear Your Underwear

It is and it isn't, it's all of hose things!  I know, that statement doesn't make any sense, but it does if you read what the others have written, and I have.

I do enjoy the feel of not having underwear on, and often don't wear any.  but I do need some extra support at times and do wear them sometimes.  Then again, my wife has bought me some very sexy undies, and I do enjoy wearing them.  But the best is after wearing undies, to go without any.  Of course, I enjoy sleeping nude, and running around in the nude, too.

I find that not wearing undies is not just a comfort thing, but it's kind of sexy, too.  My wonderful wife has pointed out how revealing some of my cloths can be without undies, how she can see me swing, jiggle and sway with every step.  I guess for her, and other women I hope, it's enjoyable to watch, just as I enjoy seeing women swing, jiggle and sway when they go without a bra.

My wife also goes without panties a great deal of the time and as many men know, it's great to see a sweet shaped behind, minus the pantie line.  Again, I hope it's just as enjoyable for the women.  And yes, if your wondering, she does go commando in dresses and skirts, almost all the time, even her short ones, and no, it doesn't bother me to have other men watching and seeing a little peak here and there.  I know she's sexy, and they just confirm it more.

Anyway, back to the subject.  I don't understand why it would be a problem to wear a hospital gown if your commando or in a thong or what ever.  Sexy undies are made to be admired, so show em off if you wear them.  As for nothing on under the hospital gown, I've been there and done that.  I figure if someone don't like it, they don't have to look.  As for the staff, well they are medical staff and should be used to it.

On the other side of the coin, however, there are good reasons to wear your underwear.  For instance, one year in my past, I was employed on a farm that had some pigmy goats.  Not just a private farm, but a university farm for studies and the like.  Being public, they often did tours for the local schools, especially the grade school.

Anyway, on this particular day, there was a tour of young children with some of the mothers and their teacher.  Also on this day, they were sheering the pigmy goats for the wool, and the kids, moms, and the teacher were all watching this process.

Now, the university hired professionals to sheer the animals, and there were three men that were working on the animals.  One was bringing in fresh goats and turning the sheered goats out to pasture.  The other two where down on there knees, clipping wool from animals that really didn't want to be clipped.

About half way through the job, one of the men working the clippers, over strained the crotch of his jeans too much, and they split from the front snap to the back belt area, exposing everything the poor soul had to expose.  Yes, he was going commando.

Even worse that the kids seeing his privates become public, and the mothers seeing his papa package, and the teacher studying  his groinal anatomy was the goat.

Has anyone seen how animals such as sheep and goats are held in place while they are clipped?  Yes, the person clipping uses their knees to hold them in the different positions as well as the free hand.

Well, this particular goat was on it's back, and her head was right in line with his hog.  As I mentioned, these goats didn't enjoy getting clipped, and this one in particular had been excessively feisty. See, the reason he had put her head between his knees was to prevent her from nipping at his hands as he worked.

Now, that was great. she was on her back, her head wedged between his knees, and unable to turn to nip his hands, when there it was, mere inches above her, his most sensitive extremity just dangling there in her face.

Before the mothers and teacher could get the kids attention away. before the poor guy could even fully realize that he was showing everyone that he was not well endowed the goat made it's move and locked it's jaws upon his man muscle.

It clamped down on at least half of him, and it locked it's jaws and ground them like it was chewing a tin can or something.  The kids were either laughing and pointing, or yelling and pointing.  The mothers and teacher were trying to get the kids out of the barn, and the other workers in the area were trying to get to the man down.  and he was, by this time, down on his side, curled in a fetal position, and yelling hysterically while trying to keep the goat from pulling his unit clean off.

The goat was on it's feet now, trying to back up, swinging it's head, twisting it's head, and grinding it's jaws trying to rip his main vane from his main frame.  In other words, chaos ruled the day!

To wrap things up, the goat was forced to open it's mouth and his bleeding, half ground burger was removed from it's jaws.  The kids were settled down some by the time the ambulance arrived, and the last we heard, they were able to save his package, although I doubt it ever looked quite right again

A bad time to go commando, you decide.  Would undies have saved his little solder?  Who knows.  As for me, I try and dress for the occasion, but my preference is to go commando, or nothing at all.

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8 Responses Jun 21, 2008

Good story. Your totally right as far as there being a time to go commando, and a time not to. Ouch!!!

i think that all females should not wear panties<br />
i am nudist at home but at times in panties

thanks for commenting. Naked is great, but I suppose it's up to the individual.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Simtic, I'm glad your enjoying the freedom. Numanoid, thanks for commenting, I'm sure it was a good thought. Brubryant, thanks for the info. Glad your still in shape and enjoying the lack of underpants. However, I don't see how waist size fits in; at what size do you think embarrassing experiences take place? Petepants, sorry to hear of your roids, they are a pain in the @ss. I understand your not wanting to get lotion in you jeans. However, I don't think it would really matter, as you enjoy peeing in them. I mean it's your preference, and if you like that, more power to you, but then why worry about a little lotion?

I have occasional problems with hemorrhoids, so I keep a few pair of underwear handy in the the hems flare up and I need to use lotion; the lotion is gooey and can smear and I'd rather have it smear in underpants than my jeans or trousers. That's the only reason I keep underwear, and that rarely happens now anyway.

Unfortunate incident, luckily I have never been exposed to similar circumstances. I go commando 100% of time and have most of my life. I am trim and healthy (31" waist from high school to the present) and never have had any embarrassing experiences. I love going commando!

I stopped wearing underwear last fall and It feels great! I don't think I'll ever go back to wearing any again.

Thanks for the input. I agree, there are times when underwear have an advantage over commando, but I happen to like no panties under skirts, especially on windy days... ;)

I go commando all the time, but then again, I do not shear sheep. That was way too sad and too funny.