Wrong, Liberals Will Be The Destruction!

Tax and Spend Obama and fellow idiots! Nothing more needs to be said! We're going down like the USSR!

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Thanks Josie06! Very well said. Truthfully it won't matter who is in charge. At this rate it will be our downfall. Who knows, maybe the South will rise again!

Maybe .... politicians will be our downfall.<br />
<br />
Lately it doesn't seem to matter what letter goes after you name. The inhabitants of Washington DC are less adept at governing and more adept at taking our money for advancing their ideals or themselves. When they are done being politicians they become lobbyists and still 'in love' with your money find ways to get more and spend it.<br />
<br />
Politicians are a breed apart ... apart from us citizens and a part of theirown eleitist clubs to which you and I can not become members.

Thanks for the comments angellights and BlueGeorgia

*tongue firmly in cheek*

We can say much more in November.

nope, nothing more to say to THAT lol...