My Favorite Ep Couples!

Demetrie1930 and CopperCoil, they are so Perfect together!

Nunyabuzziness, and Batzy, I so CALLED it long ago!!!!

Snowbunny1002  and Marcus101 they have had their problems, but they are so good for each other!

Fungirlmmm and Jim, even though they are both not here, I hope only the best for them!

Bluegeorgia and Mello, because they are after all the 1st Ep couple to get married, and their Love is just inspiring!

MrDiamondcutter, and Kryztal77, because they are just SOO adorable!!!!

Erics @ Meg, because after all they have been through they are still so IN love!

KylieGirl, and Rick, because I just fuking Love that girl, and Rick is a hottie, who is going to treat her well!

And last but certainily not least

Bobfrost, and Cassidy! They are just amazing for each other, and I am so grateful, my big brother found someone who I know is going to treat him well, and Love him very much!!!!

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6 Responses Jul 28, 2010

It is wonderful to see people meeting here, and finding a level of trust that allows them to open their hearts and fall in love. Being half of a much lower profile EP couple, I can honestly say I am blessed to have met someone who is so accepting and loving. I am amazed everyday that it never would have happened if it weren't for EP.


:-) Thanks for including us!

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Thanks for the reminder, SB. =P

Cute Story Angel..Don't forget EricS & Meg :)

So not fair. D: