All The Little Things..................

lets make this simple. I am not normal. at all. ever. I am in a deep relationship with over 10 book characters, i write i read, (a lot) and i obsess over things. Danny phantom, divergent, delirium etc. so yes, beware. I am hypomanic (hypomaniac, BIG whoop!) and have a lot of enemies because of my issues, which are many. I have done some really weird things to random people (including running up to random strangers, and then screaming, SO THERE WAS THIS GUY WHO HAD A SISTER WHO HAD A CHICKEN WHO LIKED CHEESE, and another time i ran up to random peeps, shaking em by the shoulders, and then yelling, THE BANANAS ARE COMING!! WHERE IS YOUR PROTECTIVE HELMET?? and then running away screaming) so yea, i am TOTALLY NORMAL. (right.) goodbye, i must go give my friend a walk. :)
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Jan 11, 2013