Violence, and More Violence,,,,

I totally agree with you. Most of the games our children are playing depicts either killing live people or dead people. I brought San Andrea 2 years ago. I played it with my sons, the next thing they realized is, that it was gone. They actually showed a woman getting in a car with a man and presumed to have sex. The car was shaking! disgusting!!! I don't allow war games in my home, the cruelest game i allow is smash brothers and mortal kombat. Role playing games with Mario, driving, Zelda. It is amazing how the system of things works. And they wanna know why our children are influenced to do such crazy things, If you keep it out of your home, i am sure there is a friend that has it. this is a good thread, and i hope a lot of parents join, so we can discuss what we can do as parents to stop this nonsense, the consumers are the majority when it comes to these bullying companies.

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I wouldn't even allow guns or swords (toys) for my son when he was little. I did ban killing games, but alas, when he moved out of home he bought them for himself.<br />
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I shared this with another parent who knows my son, who said....boys need to release their aggression in a safe environment. My son doesn't play contact sport due to a heart condition, so I just have to hope the violence stops with the game.<br />
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I'm told he isn't into drugs,alcohol or hanging with the wrong something in his upbringing has worked.