I Believe Crying Makes Us More Human.

Many see crying as a sign of weakness, I don't.
And I am not only talking about the tears of joy.
I believe that crying is a very primal way of expressing our emotions, it taps in something most of us fear to look into, our animal side, our non conscious self.
When our soul and heart and mind are cluttered with deep emotions, crying allows us to let those out.
I find it cleansing.
I believe it is so much seen as a sign of weakness because when you cry...you let go...you don't control anything anymore.
But I don't believe a minute it makes us vulnerable, on the contrary, it takes lucidity, honesty and humility to admit that we need to cry and to let it out.
Not many things compare to the peace of mind that fills us after a good cry...whatever the reasons.
MrSquishy MrSquishy
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

You're absolutely right! It does cleanse....no wonder there's water involved. :)

Although a spa is a much gentler cleansing...

Cleansing is cleansing....and a good cry is cheaper....lol....

Lol i wasn't expecting that point!