True - Must Be..

If You check real male and female posibilities.... that must be mainstream.
I helped - with big pleasure of course - fev couples before in Europe ( now im staing in Mumbai / India ).
What's important - after first expirience husband of that lady thanked me a lot. That was something... even a bit suprising to me that times. I guessed them like half yer longer after that.

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1 Response May 20, 2012

I hope you are correct. I know the cuckold lifestyle is growing in acceptance rapidly, which makes me very happy. That was kind of you to **** a few mens wives in Europe and now in India, so that they could enjoy their cuckold lifestyle.

I am glad that the the Lady's husband remembered to thank you for ******* his wife and giving her the pleasure she needed. We cuckolds should be grateful to the men that **** our wives and give them the pleasure they need, usually provided by their big ***** and / or excellent skill at ******* women. I am always grateful for the men that **** my wife, even though I do forget to thank them most of the time.