On Of My Wife's Business Trips That I Got To Hear Her Be A ****

Well as you know that my wife loves to spread for other men, or at least u know if u read my other stories. Lol
Anyway she had to go on a training trip for her work. She has been on many of these and I figure she is ******* others when on the trips. This last one was not that far from where we lived but she still stays there in a hotel. It was a 2 week course and I thought she would come home on the weekend but she said her and some friends there wanted to do some shopping in the upscale stores there so I said ok. I kind of figured that was just a lie to stay there but I didn’t want to let her know I know she ***** other guys.
Well on Friday of the first week I took off work and drove to the other city but didn’t tell her. I thought maybe I would surprise her but as I drove I thought wouldn’t it be hot if I could see her with another guys. I got to the hotel where she was staying and waited in the lobby, trying to hide my face so she wouldn’t see. I saw her come in at the end of the days training and go to her room. After I found out what room she was in I went back to the lobby. She came down with the woman she was sharing a room with and met some people in the lobby. I followed them and they went out to get dinner. I sat so they could see me and nothing really happen except a guy walked up and talked to my wife a little then before he left them she whispered something to him and he left. After they were done my wife and her roommate there went back to the hotel and up to their room. I decided to try to get the room next to them but all that was close was across the hall. I guess at least I would know when they went in and out.
About an hour later her and her roommate came out to go out for the evening. My wife had on the shortest mini I have ever seen and a tight blouse. I could tell that she didn’t have a bra because her nipples were very pronounced. I watched as they went down the hall and then I took off for the stairs so I could beat them to the lobby. When they got off the elevator they went to the hotel bar. I waited till were there for a little bit then I tried to sneak in the best I could. I took a table where it was the darkest but I could still see them. my wife was sitting at the bar and being so high up on the stool it showed off her legs. I could tell the mini just barely covered her crotch. There was a couple guys talking to them and they were flirting with them. my wife was being very friendly too. A few times leaning over and giving him a kiss and such. The guy talking to her had his hand on her leg and rubbing her thigh. Don’t have to tell you I had such a hard **** watching this. I wondered if they were going to pick up these guys or what. As they talked some other guy came over to my wife. It was the guy from the restaurant earlier. He began chatting with her too. Now it got real hot for me. Here was the first guy with his hand on my wife’s thigh up as to the hem of her skirt and the new guy with his hand on her other thigh. They all seemed to be ok with it. Now I didn’t know if she was going to do both of them or what. Well I soon found out. The one guy from the bar got a phone call and then left quickly. As soon as he was gone the one from before slid his hand up under her skirt and I could tell by her expression that he was fingering her *****. He did that for a little bit then she got up and they left together. I watched as they went to the elevator and then again I rushed up the stairs. When they got off the elevator they were kissing and groping each other. I knew he was going to **** her. They went into her room so all I could do was dream about what was going on in there. I went in my room and started to stroke my hard **** thinking that the guy was in there ******* the hell out of my wife. I sat close to the door to see when he would leave. I jacked off several time and dosed off a few times. It was the next morning I woke up and wondered if I missed him leaving. I decided to call her. When she answered her cell she was out of breath and I asked her what was wrong she said she had been down in the hotels exercise room working out. I knew she had been working out but it was working the *** out of that guy. As I chatted with her I heard the door of her room open and the guy left. So he was there and had just finished ******* her I am sure. I still didn’t let her know I was just across the hall because I wanted to see what else happen that weekend.
It was Saturday morning when the guy left while I was talking to her. She told me her and her roommate were going to shop. And after breakfast they did leave together. I thought I need to know what is going on in the room and I had come up with a plan. I then remember a guy here on EP telling me he used a baby monitor to listen to his wife without her knowledge. So I went out and purchased on. For those who don’t know what that is it is kind of a one way walkie talkie. One unit only sends and one only receives. I found one and went back to the hotel and when the housekeeping was cleaning the room I asked the girl for something that I knew she would have to leave the room. When she did I hid the sending unit under the bed and turned it on. Anything that happen on the bed I would be able to hear. I was finally going to be able to at least hear my wife **** another guy.
Well the girls came back with another girl and they were talking in the room. Seems this new girl lives in town and she was saying how she envied my wife and the other girl because they were able to **** who ever they wanted while in town. She had trouble getting away that much to get with guys. Anyway. My wife said they she always loved trips like this because she could get so many guys to ****. It made me hard when they started to tell about the guys she had already done on the trip. She told how ever one of them had a bigger **** then me. It seems they talk just like guys saying who was and was not a good ****. I was so glad that I could hear everything they said. I knew that night when she brought someone else to the room I would get a great show of them *******. They had a lot of girl chat then I heard my wife say they needed to get ready to go out. The one that lived in town said she was glad at least that my wife and her roommate would let her use the room too to **** someone. I guess none of them mind others watching them **** as long as they are ******* too. Wish I could see in there as they got ready. I know they were all naked or nearly naked and I know they all are hot.
When they left to go out I peeked out and man were they dressed like *****. Of course how else would they dress they were hunting for ****. I decided to stay in the room since I didn’t want to be seen and wait for their return. It was about an hour and a half later that my wife came back with her “date” for the evening. A very tall good looking black man. I knew she had done black men before so I wasn’t surprised. They went in the room and I could hear them talking right away. He was saying how hot she was and how good the blow job in the cab was. I hear movement and noise and figured they were getting each other undressed and groping each other. Then I heard them get on the bed. The way he was moaning and talking to her I could tell she was sucking his **** again. Then I heard them moving around and she said she wanted him in her NOW. He said something about where are the condoms and then I got the surprise of my life. She told him she didn’t have any and even if she did she wanted him bare in her and she wanted him to *** in her. i guess I should have know since she always had *** in her before but never thought of it. But here was my **** wife begging this black man to **** her bare and to *** in her. as I hear her moan when he slid in her I came. It was so very hot. Even though I came I stayed hard and I kept ************ till I heard him make the sound of a man ready to ***. Then I heard her moan too. After they laid there a while I heard my wife tell him that she thinks he shot the biggest load in her that she ever had. He ****** her several more times that night even after the other two girls came back with their dates. Lots of moaning going on in there, but always my wife’s moaning was the loudest because they were closest to the monitor. I think they even swapped guys once or twice. The guys didn’t leave till about 6 in the morning and the girl that lived in town left about that same time. I peeked out the peep hole in the door and saw my wife kissing her date goodby. She was in the doorway naked. Wow so very hot.
I love that my wife is such a **** and that I am such a cuckold even though she doesn’t know I know.
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You are a lucky man to be married to such an exciting Lady.
I think you should tell your wife you know she has been ******* many other men and letting them *** in her ****. Tell her you support her need to **** other men but that you would love to watch the other men **** her. It is only fair that she lets you watch.

i agree let her know u know she needs to **** others. if she is like my wife u will get to watch sometimes. don't be greedy and want to watch all the time. they need to be together with just them some times.

I need to vacation in the right city

isn't it wonderful that our wives love ******* so many different men. loving hearing mine **** or watching her get ******. then i get to lick her clean of his *** and suck his ****. life is good

Hope to her her for you.

Yes, watching other men **** our **** wives is great fun.

long but very hot story. love when my wife ***** other guys especially when i can hear or see it

Me too