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"Thick" by Sonya Renee

I continue to be amazed
How my curvy hips and heavy breasts manage
to make men
See nothing less than sex
In their interaction with me
Whether summer dress cute or business suit
Their eyes be watching God in my thighs
Despite my intellectual bearings
Men be only hearing moans and sighs
In our conversations about secret societies
and presidential lies
But I know why

It's cause I'm THICK
Like molasses
Pouring slow out of that bottle
Onto your mind, saturating you with poetic
And with every word I coat your brain
Yet you're still only able to watch the way
I pour from that bottle

Like your Aunt Sarah's pound cake
Sweet, sweet, lip smacking sweet
Filled with sooo many enticing ingredients that
You never bother to ask about
Given that you only want to eat
Check the recipe
You might be allergic to the eggs, vanilla, flour
Charisma, abstract eccentricity, power
And I don't want you to get sick

Cause I am THICK
Like eight year old black girl hair be
You want to put lye to me
Put dye to me
Slap on a just for me
Unwillingly I yell
"Stop trying to change my natural state!"
I am so THICK
In jeans it's like I was born the color of denim
But if you stared as intently at my thoughts
As you do at my thighs
Maybe one day you might
Be able to get in them
But I doubt it

You fail to realize that
I'm not just hourglass THICK
Lots of class THICK
Not to be sarcastic but I died
Was resurrected last week
So as a poet, I am past sick
And you need to know this

The American College Dictionary states that
THICK means
"Numerous, abundant, plentiful"
Having a lot of whatever's around
It also states that THICK means dense, deep,
And in an average interaction
It is certain that I am bound to be described as
While that description might fit like these
jeans on my behind
It is well beyond time you realize THICK also
describes my mind

See these hips you watch are curvy wide as
God knew
I would need to birth enigmatic knowledge like
How she can be both Father and Son at the
same time
Seated at his own right hand side
These heavy breasts would someday feed
worlds wisdom
Hold secrets they confide nestled at my chest
The softness of my thighs flesh would
Give my wounded warrior
A quiet knight's rest
So my God made them THICK
He laced my words with wind so each utterance
Might sail swiftly into spirits and manifest
through pens
My sins will be a road map to the promised land
So it is essential insight that you comprehend
That while your thinking may be thin
Like reading the Bible from beginning to end
Like the thirty poems I'll write that may never
score tens
Like the wilderness that landscapes the roads
where I've been
Like that burning Phoenix
I will rise again
Cause I am THICK
So whether you watch the way
I sway or I pray
Or lay these words that I spit
Recognize the Divine has blessed you
To receive a slice of it
As an extra added gift
A glass of cute to wash it all down with
So the next time
You find it hard to draw the line
Between my mind and my behind
Recollect these words and realize
My Creator made me multiply defined
As ........THICK!!!!
foldedunfolding foldedunfolding 31-35, F 30 Responses Jun 2, 2012

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Very very nice. Now I will have some pound cake lol

Hi ! your profile is quite interesting. Can we exchange messages and chat ? Please add me in your circle. -John



I get to read it again.. and give it a heart.
Smart women are more attractive..and that is you for posting that poem and that is a reflection of your way of thinking.. just my way of thinking.

I love it!

What wise and poetic words. Lovely and Thick.
Made me smile.

Very nice someone thinks like me I think Adele is amazingly beautiful

she truly is! i didn't write this; i'm brittany, not sonya. but i wish i had!

It's okay no worries it's still a good post thank you

thank you for taking the time to read it :)


I love your poetry! :)

thank you so much, but i am not sonya renee :) wish i was!

Well, at least you have good taste! ;)

thank you, indeed! i write as well. i don't wish i was HER. i should have said that i wish i wrote this.

Ah, ok.

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I'm a bbm and I like woman of all sizes, and it's a interesting scripture. Im going to read more about you Brittany and see your hidden depths

aww thank you. sorry i'm just now seeing this!

Lol thats ok we all have busy lives :)

thick &curvy are both delicious words to me :) there is nothing wrong at all for being thick & curvy

haha awesome

So nice!!

i'm glad you like it!

I would pay to hear you rap that, awesome words

thank you! i didnt write it brittany:) sonya renee, a slam poet, did.

Well no trouble saying what you mean with this post! I loved it! .......and rounder women too.....

thank you, i wish i had written it:) it's by the slam poet sonya renee:)

Good heavens, I pray I can write that way.
Thank you for sharing!

absolutely! thank you for liking it! just in case you didn't catch it from my other responses..a slam poet named sonya renee wrote this, not me:)

Yup I've been googling her up. It's beautiful.


you got that right:)

Damn straight :)

Damn curvy:-P

Love it.....and add in personality as well as compatibility....Perfection!

The curvier, the sexier! :)

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would you be bothered if i share this too? i was just going to save it on my computer... but my word document must have been deleted. I absolutely love this and don't want to loss it. Thank you for sharing such amazing taste in literature and opening my eyes to a new author!

aw thanks girl! flattery will you get you everywhere with me, and i didn't write it, so why not? thanks for asking though:-P

This is slam poetry or Floetry at its very best.

thanks buddy! she did a great job, didn't she?!

Love this poem, no matter how many times I read it.

i'm thrilled! thank you for sharing your appreciation of it with me!

You have incredible taste in poetry... I dunno if I've ever told you that before.

aw thank you, no you havent:)

WOW!!! Are you an English teacher or something. The was beautifully written, and so true in many ways! Well done. :D

thank you hun..i am not renee tho:) she is a slam poet who is very talented

Ahh. But you liked it, and posted it. So thanks!! :P

absolutely! hehe thanks

Good poem, I love thick girls but now I'll pay extra close attention to their words.

thank you so much! i wish i could take credit..sonya renee is not me:)

Well it's a great poem regardless, i hope you share more with the community. Please add me so we can keep in touch.

thank you again:) i write as well, and i have posted a few more poems by pablo neruda and e.e.cummings:)

Accurately put. Friends?

sure hun but i didnt write it..sonya renee did:)

I love this poem, its so deep. Do you think it conveys you and your feelings?

thank you, yes

I LOOOOVE this, thanks for posting and sharing her work. I can absolutely relate, as I'm sure anyone with a mind and also..a behind can ;)

hahaha thank you so much, this poem is my dream come true as well!

It's nice to see people still read poetry, I haven't in so long, and not just read it but I bet you carry it in your heart and pull strength from it as the artist intended

thank you so much! i looove reading poetry..wish more people would do the life is not the same since:)

This. Is. FANTASTIC. <br />
<br />
Seriously beautiful. You are a great writer. I love this part the most: <br />
<br />
Check the recipe<br />
You might be allergic to the eggs, vanilla, flour<br />
Charisma, abstract eccentricity, power<br />
And I don't want you to get sick"<br />
<br />
I dont know why i like that part so much but it cracked me up and hit me close to home. I wanna be more than a bottle!

what a wonderful comment~thank you so much! i so wish that i could take the compliments and run, but my name is brittany, and this was written by a slam poet named sonya renee:) nice to meet you tho!

Nice to meet you Brittany! Well if you ever run into slam poet Sonya Renee tell her she is brilliant (and by extension, has brilliant fans).

awww thanks hehehe

I think Im in love O.o

i wish i could take credit for this, but my name is brittany heh heh

Still, you posted it, and its ******* bad-***.

then be in love with me and not her, pleeeeassseee


aww i just saw this....xoxoxo

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That just might have change me.. no... really!<br />
I have not read much poetry at all but this golden. <br />
Thanx for sharing with us "thick " and thin ones.

aww this made my day! the best things a poem can do are to convict and inspire! when you say you changed~are you referencing the fact that you have changed into someone who wants to read poetry? or that you are now into thick girls? lol