Yes They Can.

ok the last couple of days have been crazy . the customers think that i have nothing better to do then run around the store getting items you forgot or couldn't get for some damn reason . the front end is constantly backed up . so i am supervising / cashier/problem solving all at the same time . the customers won't show me their credit card . i have to type in the last 4 in the computer system . i have to fight them for it . i answer the same questions 70 times a day. customer don't listen to what i said the first time . i ask the customer debt or credit . they just stare and me and swipt the card . is it debt or credit ? . simple question people . THIS IS AN VENT.  the customers give me dirty looks because i am working so fast . i have no ******* help  at all .  if you give me atitude i will give it back when i have had only 3 hours of sleep and working like 9 hours that day . also another customer i would bag up his groceries . he was hispanic . i put it in the cart .and he moves it . i bag , put in cart , he moves it from where it was . it wasn't perfect but it was where it could be without anything getting damaged . this went of for about 15 minutes . it was annoying and was starting to ****** me off . i wanted to say . bag your self ******* . am i being un reasonable ? please comment on this .

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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

I too, work in a grocery store. Only, mines a small independent one were I am the only one working. Nothing ****** me off more than a lazy customer and I've had to bite my tongue a many of time not to tell a customer to bag their ****! I really hate it when it's the middle of a rush and customers just stand there as I'm scanning through their order, than look at the bags, look at me, then at their stuff and continue to stand there as if to say "Why aren't you bagging my crap?" But like you what I hate the most is when a customer rearranges the bag I've packed. The only thing worse is when I've bagged everything for their lazy *** except for the heavy things that have handles (cause they don't need, can't fit or will rip the bag anyway) and the customer look at me like I'm stupid and says "Can you put this in a bag too?" Once-upon-a- time I would tell them the truth, the bag will not hold it, only for them to demand I bag it anyway. Now I just smile, bag it, and send up a prayer that it breaks on them in their driveway.