It Doesn't Matter

Being in Customer Service myself and going into the field and a customer that needs something done now or last week as most of the cases are, the customer is ready to kick the company I represent out the door and when I show up they vent all of the frustration out on me.  

Why?   Cause I am the first guy to show up to try and fix the problems.  It is our fault (or at least how they perceive it to be) that the customer isn't able to meet quota on the parts that they have, our fault that they won't make sales.  It is our fault that the product will fail and people will loose their jobs.


I'm have said to the customers that I am sure that since we are blamed for everything that they could blame us for the national debt and if they really think about it the Kennedy assassination as well...

The fact is that we are doing the job that we have said that we would do and have done more in some cases just case there is the potential of increased sales but for some reason that has become the expectation that we will help out in what ever capacity even though it is not our area of expertise just so that we can keep you happy.  Then when we ask for some money  from you to improve an enhancement then you get upset and scoff and go blaming us again and with hold payment..

It sucks sometimes and when customers make it harder to do your job, you wonder why you botrher with it...

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I know and it sucks so badly.... To keep a smile on your face and be pleasant when all you really want to do is smack them for being a ungrateful ****tard...

The customer is always right, I hate that saying :-)<br />
Even when they are wrong, they are right!!! (you have to act like they are and eat crow)