I Think You Are All Trying to Get Attention!!

It's not going to kill you and you know it! It's going to give you scars and you like that. You like to hurt yourself. It means you are sick in the head! So stop sitting around and glorifying it with each other. And for those of you who see those stories and want to comment, don't!! Becasue they want you to and they want you to feel sorry for them. But all the attention and sympathy in the world will probably make them cut more. They will get over it or get help when they choose to.

So don't make it cool or acceptable. I think it's disgusting and you are so stupid if you do it. If you know some one who is doing it, offer them help. And if they won't take it then walk away from them. They are a never ending pit of despair. They will try to suck your life dry too!

Excuse me for being blunt but I can't stand people who use negative behaviors to get attention! You can get positive attention for being a good person, you can get help for your depression, you can move on and get better. But by cutting or other negative behaviors, you are doing nothing but remaining right where you are. You don't like your life, then change it!!! You all have the freedom to do so!

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Hi, my name's Shannon :] and I just wanted to say that I hear where you're coming from. I thought cutting was stupid and pathetic and just for attention- until I started cutting. I really seriously don't mean for this comment to be offensive to you or anything and I respect your opinion, but a lot of the people who cut don't do it for attention and I know it for a fact. I don't know very many people who go to my school that cut and I don't have any friends who do, so the stories I post on here about cutting are mainly just for me to vent and talk to someone about it. I don't cut for attention and a lot of the people who do cut are really ashamed about it- including me. But besides cutting, I'm just an average person who can be insecure just like everyone else. And I am. And I know you said people like me are messed up in the head, and that's not from cutting. In most cases, it's probably from whatever is causing the cutting. Like, my dad has really severe alcoholism and my mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and in undergoing chemotherapy, so it kinda puts tension on the whole house and my parents fight every night. My dads alcoholism gave me stress and anxiety issues and cutting, among other outlets, is how I deal with it.. My home life messed me up and that's why I cut. I'm trying to stop though, I see a counselor and everything. It's getting better but I guess what I wanted to say was that this story probably hurt a lot of people's feelings who were already insecure and messed up. Again, I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I just had a lot to say. I hope this helped you understand people who cut a little better & I'm sorry that you think we're disgusting. I know you didn't intentionally wanna hurt anyone's feelings and I respect your opinion. Thanks for listening :] -Shannon

It is bad to cut yourself, but a lot of the time it is not for attention. Many people who cut actually try to hide all of their cuts/scars. They know it won't help and that there are probably better ways to deal, but don't know how or are afraid to ask/tell someone. They don't want to hurt anyone else, only make themselves feel better.