My Hero

I love you, son.
You are my heart, my warmth, my child.
You are everything good in me and this world, I feel.
I fight for you. Living this life I don’t want to always live… I do it for you. Because I love you. Because you’re worth it. You give me strength. Without you, I really am nothing. I’ve made some terrible mistakes in the past with your mother. Things I’m so sorry for. I just want you to be happy and live to the fullest.
You are my pride and joy.
You are the BEST.
You amaze me.
Doing big boy things…
You are what drives me to be a better man. To fight through the pain. You are everlasting, my son. You are so beautiful and destined for greatness. I am and will always be proud of you.
Those big blue eyes.
Your awesome blonde hair.
You look just like your mother sometimes.
Other times… I see myself. My past as a child flashes before me when I look at you.
And I smile, because you bring out the best in me. Even my memories.
What I wouldn’t do for you…
I live for you.


I love you.


I wrote this at 2:45am. Why? Because he's all I ever think about. Care about. 6 hours away and I never get to see him even though I have joint custody... it can suck sometimes. A lot of times... Always.

But, he's worth it.
kingofdeadlift kingofdeadlift
22-25, M
Dec 16, 2012