Man, I have a hard enough time just getting to sleep at night, let alone a mandatory nap time... I personally also dislike the term "mandatory", as it implies I'm being told what to do. Nobody tells me what to do.

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No worries, Ive been disowned by my parents but they always somehow find a way to claw their way back into my life.

Nah... I'm not exactly on what you would call speaking terms with them... It's just me, lol.<br />
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Screwdriver...a double on the way Doc.

I think shes talking about you brother. Hell I live alone, but hasnt stopped my mother from calling me everyday telling me what to do. If that woman could, she would fly here everday just to order me around. Gawd I hope they never lower airfare

Who is, Silver? I'm self-employed, I live alone... No family or nothin... I'm just cursed with an arguementative nature when I think someone's giving me orders... It's one reason why I could've never gone into the military like my other relatives, lol.<br />
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Can I have a screwdriver instead of just plain juice?

score! Darlene is passing out snacks!

Hey Doc, someone sounds grumpy. If you take your nap you can have juice and graham crackers when you wake up :-)

Someone is always going to tell you what to do. Hell my mother still tells me what to do. I dont listen, but that hasnt stopped her in all these years.<br />
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Napping is GREAT