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What I Would Rather Do...

the house is almost quiet...shhh. i hear the faint sound of yo gaba gaba playing in the living room. I'm relaxed.....such a rare saturday morning. my husband took the two oldest on a day trip! i have the baby, she is two with me. at some point today she WILL nap. she does everyday at daycare! sooo when she is sleepy i suspect in the next three hours....I will lay her down in her cuddly little crib and she will crash out. I will then RUNNN and JUMP into my bed find the two good pillows and snuggle in!! i usually only get one of the good pillows and my husband gets the other, so this is freaking special!! could this be the best day ever?? i think so...
heres wishing you many naps in your furture!!
underrock underrock 31-35, F Jun 2, 2012

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