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Like the Kidergarden Days

Remember those daily naps in kidergarden? Why did they stop after that?! Did our bodies adjust to no longer needing naps, a mere year later?? No wonder kids are so worn out and cranky by the time they get home from school!

But I don't think naps are just for kids! On my non-work days, I lay down an hour or two with the kids. I think EVERYONE would benifit from a nap! Some countries are starting to agree with that opinion. I heard some places are REQUIRING office workers to take an hour off daily to nap or relax in a quiet atmosphere. Statistics are showing these workers are more efficient, alert, and happier. Goes to show: "You Snooze; You Loose" may NO LONGER be the case!

emerald emerald 36-40, F 2 Responses Nov 12, 2007

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Dam near every person at my work place always manage to catch some Z's during lunch break.Nothing wrong with that(as long as it's on our lunch break and not during work!!).

A nap is one of my favoite coping mechanisms:)