That's Him, Officer. He's the Man Who Exposed Himself to My Grandmother.

I have known Dasmuggler in RL for many years. He is a good friend who will do just about anything for someone he considers a friend. Also, he is a very tolerant person, as evidenced by his living situation (he shares an apartment with a mutual acquaintance). To sum him up in a nutshell, he is the nut in the shell. Thank you and good night.

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Seriously?? whoa.... as long as she gets the jokes at the time I'm thinking that's okay.... if not, then I might have to start siding with dasmuggler in saying you may be a little bit sick dear... LOL :P :D <br />
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You should post a story about your grandma, or PM me... she sounds like a fun person to know!

Oh, no. I still play jokes on her. It helps keep her in check. In fact, she's been the victim of my best prank phone calls.

Well, if she truly has symptoms of dementia then that would be where the joking ends... I'm sorry Ether. That is a hard thing to watch. ((HUGS))

this is disturbing man

Spicy isn't the word I'd use. I think I'd use irascible, insane, and a few others that don't begin with 'I'. She hasn't been diagnosed, but I'm sure she has dementia.

do tell! I love tales of spicy women!! LOL

OH, not MY grandmother! I could tell you stories...

poor, poor granny.... she was such a sweet, innocent soul... <br />
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He's a good guy, but my grandmother'll never be the same.

Oh, man I really left the door open on that one, didn't I? Oops... LOL <br />
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I hope we didn't run him off.... he seems like a great person and I'd like to get to know him better before I run him off. LOL

Well, he used the pole is all I say.<br />
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That's very considerate of you, however, I'm afraid I scared him off. He can be kind of shy.

I didn't think the men used the pole...I thought that was only the girls? LOL :P <br />
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I promise not to "throw" my money at him... I will hand it to him graciously with a sweet smile on my face--no grabby gestures. ;-) LOL!

Why? We love your designs! Give us more so we can throw our money at you! Well, maybe not 'throw', but give. We don't want to awaken any traumatic memories you may have suppressed of your days as an "adult entertainer". <br />
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I know, I know. It's too late. The smell of Old Spice and sweat still gives you the shivers and the thought of people throwing money at you while you spin around on a pole causes you to break out in a cold sweat.<br />
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Have strength, old friend, we'll get through this together.

No reason to feel dirty, dasmuggler.... it's all in good fun! I'm highly interested in your... ahem, clothing line. :D<br />
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I can sew pretty much anything when I need to or want to... depends on my motivation. :D

I'm not comimg back here anymore, I now feel dirty

Assuming he ever puts it out, I was thinking gift, but trade is better!<br />
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Do you sew a great deal?

I would love to have a copy of that catalog... perhaps we could work out a trade of some sort?<br />
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Just let me know when you need me and my needle & thread... ;-)

I've been pestering him to put out a catalog for months now. Maybe he has one in his personal stash or 'lost' somewhere in the warehouse.<br />
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That's very kind of you. I have a few holes in my rabbit suit that could use mending. I probably should get it drycleaned first, though.

A trademark, huh? Oh well, a girl can try...<br />
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I can sew you anything your little heart desires Mr Bunny. ;-)

Hey, I'm just going by what dasmuggler told me; it's his clothing line. Honestly, I think the man is a genius: basing an entire line of clothes off what you wear in your day-to-day life? And making money to boot? I am in awe of his business savvy.

Oh, wow! I really wanted one of those "Bananners Taste Gewd!" shirts... are you sure they're all gone???

you are a sick man sir sick sick man

No, no, no. Thank you, but the crotchless boxer is a trademark of dasmuggler. It allows for easy access both in the bathroom and in the bedroom. Not to mention how much easier it is to relieve yourself when that annoying, and always inconvenient, ball itch strikes.<br />
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What else can you sew? I have a big jar of pennies that's burning a hole in my pocket.

You pay me enough, I can sew those for you... I can even embroider his name on them if you want Mr. Bunny! LOL :P

Does that mean I won't be receiving my order for the crotchless boxers? Aww, c'mon!

you are a sick man sir

Did you order the one with the gravy stains or the one with the cut out nipples? I was lucky and got the "Bananners Taste Gewd!" T before it was out of stock.

Yeah, I don't know much about him but he seems like quite the cool cat. I've already sent away for my Dasmuggler T-shirts.

I'm sure this post will cost me money<br />
<br />
Cash check or debit card?