Space Oddity

Just think of Space Oddity... those last lines...

"Tell my wife I love her very much... she knows"

"Ground control to Major Tom...

Your circuit's dead ... there's something wrong...

Can you hear me Major Tom?..."

Wow, I think I almost cried when I first heard it. It's such a brilliant piece of art!

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2 Responses May 23, 2007

I love David Bowie, have done since I was 13. Tomorrow, 8 January, is his birthday, by the way. So all you fans, celebrate! The man is getting on and we'll lose him one day. The art, however, will live on. Oh yes, what a remarkable is funny that, though he was very popular in the old days, there were some who didn't appreciate just how remarkable he truly is. Now, everyone, and I mean everyone, I talk to, likes (or loves) David Bowie (or his work, anyway.)

It's a very beautiful song!