If He Was Honourable

he would, but he isn't.

Meanwhile, Sean Hoare,  the former News of the World showbiz reporter who was the first journalist to allege Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking by his staff, has been found dead at his home. It absolutely beggars belief that Cameron knew nothing. This is the PM, the head of this country, whose job it is TO know what's going on, someone who hired a top NoW man as his personal advisor (who is in league with known serious criminals), who has socialised  frequently with Rebekah Brooks, and who has sucked up to the Murdochs every inch of the way.

Slowly, the culprits are being made to answer for their nefarious acts and for their poisoned grip on the media. Cameron should answer in the same way. We shall see what transpires.

mizzen123 mizzen123
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2011

He is lying through his private dentist's teeth. A charlatan. He is cut from exactly the same cloth as the Murdoch's, Coulson, Brooks and the rest. This 'I know nothing' baloney does not wash. Coulson as his right hand man, and they never talked about what went on? Literally unbelievable! Friends with Brooks. No chit-chat about the NoW as they went a-galloping? Ridiculous.

David Cameron, is walking on thin ice, I don't think he as told the truth about his BBF'S the Murdochs , Brooks, and Colsen.