A Grain of Salt (at Times a Shakerfull)

I've read a couple of Icke's books and spent some time perusing his website.  I do believe his is right about many things but some of his theories require a grain of salt (and some a whole shaker).

For instance:

Human history has been and continues to be manipulated by a global elite of power brokers and international bankers.  (Absolutely true)

The global elite consists of shapeshifting reptile aliens (come on...)

Through top secret operations such as MKULTRA, mind control techniques have been utilized by secret service organizations to "program" individuals such as Sirhan Sirhan to commit assassinations and other crimes in an effort to psychologically terrorize the population (most likely)

Mind control techniques have also been used to "program" sex slaves for Presidents and high-ranking government officials (seems farfetched)

I believe almost everything Icke has to say about 9/11.

I believe almost nothing Icke has to say about Bill Clinton.

Icke is wrong about President Obama in the "big picture" but is correct in that if the government wanted to institute "change" right now, it would have done so.

 "Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly upon our own point of view." (Obi-Wan)

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

i have trouble with alot of what he says too, half my family love other half thinks his a crackpot lol i agree with you on the 9.11 stuff i remember being shown a video that was his shot years before 9.11 and he was saying the best way to control ppl was though fear and if u scare them anuff they will not just want greater restrictions imposed on them , the ppl will demand them <br />
ie patriot act

hey, brother! didn't kno u were still a round!