Qualifying The Laundry List

Thinking of death as a rite of passage make it appear to be a sort of exclusive club, with requirements and qualifications to be fulfilled before one can cross that bridge. And yet, everyone dies, eventually.

Still, the idea of exclusivity is ever-present among humans -- only the good die young, for example; I'll follow her/him there; the final rest. They all imply that getting to death is a virtue.

If so, it can explain why so many avoid it. But the truth is, death will take you when death takes you. Desiring to die, or trying to fend off death, doesn't seem to affect death, in the end.

The Harry Potter series made many points and emotional loadings around death. So did the Star Wars series, as well as just about every story remembered by humanity. It's a constant for us as humans.

As for me, I'd always felt that there is a laundry list of tasks and accomplishments designed for each person. How you complete that list is up to each person, but you don't get to know the contents of that list. So, if you burn your candle at both ends, so to speak, and you finish up the list fast, you die young. You can also accomplish quite a lot that is not on the list, and you won't die till you finish the list. Working on tasks not on your list doesn't count toward your life tally. ;)

Why else would Mozart die at barely 36? Was Beethoven 20 years slower at his list? And why do some people get incredible lists, and some get unfamous lists?

Death is a passion for all of us, whether we admit it or not. Wouldn't it be nice to know it was a milestone, and not really, "the end'? I wonder, anyway.
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exstaticdynamics, that's rather narrow. sex is not the be-all and end-all -- it's a main course sometimes, and a seasoning other times. there are other sources of pleasure, but that's up to us to discern through life. sure, some of us live for too long, but i wonder if that's true -- or those who live long have items on the list to yet accomplish.

ecstaticdynamics, is anyone stopping you from ******* yourself to death? ;)

ecstaticdynamics, the point is that the laundry list is not up to me. it's contents are not known till they're done. that's the fantasy point of this :) or else mozart wouldn't have finished zauberflot, maybe lol

baddaddygooddad, thanks for commenting. i agree with you, but really, no one knows, not even those who claim to have had near-death experiences. it couldn't have been that close ... and the Potter stories surmise that there is a veil between the living and the dead, which implies a continuum. it's up to each culture, even each person, to decide how to live and not how to die. :)

portions of all cultures decide how people should die, unfortunately. Consumed by death? not I, consumed by life? I am. That is why Individual liberty to me is the most compelling reason to live and let live. Thanks for your stories.

individual liberty can be a cultural construct, too. i did wonder how people could stand to live in olden more feudal times ... but they did. it's sometimes more about what you know. :)

I disagree, the Bad die young as well, Our society simply coddles and beatifies those that are sensationalistically popular magnifying their importance to the collective good without recognizing that most live purposeful lives. Death is not a selective process. It is the end of the temporary existence we all experience. Death is simply an overture to a life either well or abhorrently idled. I too wonder what lies beyond.