People Dont Seem To Like This Part Of Me

i realized most ppl ive dealt with dislike that i think deeply about things so im kind of a loner now. but no worries i have a few of friends who put up with this or actually think as deep and understand where im going.

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I'm a deep thinker too, as my prolific, eclectic posts will show<br />
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Any of you are welcome to PM ideas to research & expore - to improve life for so many stuck indoor in the bad weather this week<br />
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As a mad Scouse mimic/comic, I'll gladly make ya laff ...<br />
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& I'm very keen to help folk mesmirised by 24x7 multimedia brainwashing think independently, yes?

i tooo must deeply agree! i find that i am always deeply thiniking about things. I am a loner to. Its not a bad thing. we just think deeply about things first before we make decisions and or think about all the logical first. no matter what it is we are thinking about at least we are keeping our minds moving and giving thought to things before we act. There are many deep thinkers out there. your not alone. all of us deep thinkers should stick together. at times i find all my deep thinking climbing to a level of overthinking which causes sabatoge in my life, but i have learned for the most part how to deeply think yet not overthink. overthinking on specific was the problem for me.

I honestly do NOT see anything wrong with u, I am also a loner like my bf, we are two different people but we also are deep thinkers, and too me its a great thing, because u think hard about things which means too me u have ur head on straight and ur prorites straight in line as well, hey if people cannot accept u for u than they are the ones who don't have there life straight, plus they cannot even begin too accept themsevles too!! I am proud of u and I support u, if u wanna be friends just message me!