It tastes like soap powder, i hate it!

Also, aspartame, the sweetener used in most diet drinks has been linked to cancers, making it potentially more dangerous than sugar could ever dream of. given a choice between bad teeth and cancer, i'll take the bad teeth, thanks!

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Dr Pepper gets me too - how can anyone drink cherry coke? Yuk!

I like regular soda. I do not drink it on a routine basis because I do not like it that much. I do not need the calories. I do see any need to drink diet soda. I want the real thing.<br />
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Diet soda tasts AWFUL. It tastes HORRIBLE. We can send a man to the moon, Why can they not improve the taste of diet soda?<br />
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Diet soda popularity is a testiment to the power of advertising. They can make something that tastes like battery acid appealing. What is next? brussel sprout soda? Wait, that was already done on saturday night live I think.