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It has made me feel alienated since I was a very small child. Everyone could always sense I was different, I guess. They stayed away. lol
Even now, I have outgrown much of my shyness and can easily talk to people, but once we talk for a little while, they can tell I'm different, and they start to back off. It seems like no matter what kind of group I am around, I'm the oddball.
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IKR, as my son would say (I know right)! When my family meets someone, and we think we're compatible as friends, and we do a coupla things together, and think we're doing pretty good, and then we never hear from them! Then we wonder, was it something we said? Something in our being? We don't feel like we're behaving all that differently. Sometimes I think it's the culture of where we live, because it sure seemed easier to make friends in other states. On the West Coast, it seems easier, and east of there it gets harder! I feel so blessed that I at least have my husband and my son, with whom I am perfectly compatible. Therefore, I dread that anything should happen to them, because then I wonder who would 'get' me and appreciate all that I have to offer. My husband thinks I'm a wonderful person! Aren't I lucky!<br />
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We are partly creatures of where we grew up. I can relate to Oregonians, having grown up there, and we tend to be friendlier than here in Colorado. But I've met other people who have moved to Oregon from California, and don't think they're friendly there. So it's relative too. In cultures like the Middle East and Latin America, people are much closer. <br />
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I have a question: does anyone think they are not particularly 'smart' but still think differently? Or know people like that? I'm just wondering if there's a relationship between IQ and looking at things differently--and no, even though this question may sound like it, I am not elitist. I believe we can learn something from anybody if you're open to it.

I totally understand where you are coming from- that is exactly how it is with me! I will think "Wow, I've made a new friend!" and then I never hear from them again for reasons unknown. The culture difference could easily be the reason; I was born in the south but I really have not adopted any of the behaviors or speech patterns of the people around me, and I think they exclude me subconsciously because of this. I think you may be on to something regarding the relationship between IQ and behavior/viewpoints. I think everyone has a brain with wiring that follows a basic guideline, but some people's brain wiring may differ slightly or drastically (autism, dyslexia, schizophrenia, etc.). That could be the answer to why we are always "singled out". Who knows!

I feel yah! I really don't have any friends never really have never fet in but it didn't bother me cause I saw things differently