I Was Born 150 Years Too Late

I think like someone from the early 19th century.  I value the simple life, self sufficiency, family, and most importantly I believe that, as a woman, I should be treated well and deferred to.  I despise women's lib and everything it stands for. I do not believe women should work outside the home.  I believe men should do men's work and women women's work, and each should not interfere with the other. I want to be a helpmate to my man, not a competitor or an equal.  I believe sex is intensely private and should never, ever be discussed in public.  I believe children should work around the house out of responsibility and obligation, not for money or privileges.
I do not fit into the 21st century and I wish to hell I could escape from it.
TheOriginalPard TheOriginalPard
51-55, F
May 22, 2012