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I think it is important to be aware of the differences in how we think...if possible.

People tend to judge others based on the way that they think.  "You can't subtract without using your fingers? What is wrong with you?"  "You don't know how to get to the supermarket? What is wrong with you?"
"You can't write a letter without spellcheck? What is wrong with you?"
"That's supposed to be a snowman? What is wrong with you?"
etc, etc, etc.

I think we all do this at times. I don't think we should.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. No person, or for that matter group of people, is any more or less intelligent than another...not really.  In fact, just to measure another human being's intelligence requires that you judge them by your own preconceived notions of what so-called "average" intelligence entails. If someone with "average" intelligence were placed in a world where everyone thought differently, then he/she would no longer be considered to have "average" intelligence.  Whether his/her intelligence was below or above that of the people in such a world would depend entirely on what values those people held. Do they live in a world where mathematical ability is more highly valued or artistic ability?  It all revolves around that, not anyone's overall ability as a human being.  

Who can judge whether one human is more successful than any other? It all depends on what measuring stick you are using? You could argue that whoever lives the longest was the most successful, but if they lived a miserable life is that really success. You could argue that biologically whoever produces the most viable offspring is the most successful, but is baby-making really the measure of our worth as human beings? You could even argue that whoever managed to demonstrate their human ability and leave some kind of lasting legacy was most successful, as I think most people do, but then that relegates all of human activity to the pursuit of fame, and I, personally, have higher standards for my life than THAT.
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I agree with you and I love the way you think. Of course that doesn't make your view any better than anyone else's perspective, but it is to me. Anytime someone is to judge someone it is based on a value. What is more valuable than something else? Who are we to say something has no value or is a waste of time? I once new a great sage that used to say "There is no waste".
Your perspective is broad and deep, however, it may be lost on some.

:) thanks for the well thought out reply ubecha!

Lovely concept. Total bollox. Sadly. Yes, this is one of those rare moments when I am completely serious.

total bollox????

Yeah. Life isn't fair. Things like athleticism, artistic flair, beauty, loyalty and intelligence - the things that contribute to human worth - are capable of objective assessment and are not evenly distributed. What you say is true in the "Flowers are red" sense but you've pushed it much further. The horrible truth is that some people are better at being people than other people, every which way you look at it, and there is an elite. Our genes mean that we are not born equal, but it is to our credit as a species that we strive to believe that we are.

*agrees entirely with Garcia. Even right down to his choice of descriptive words*. :/
It is sweet that you would wish to give everyone that fair start. But it is also entirely unrealistic.

"Our genes mean that we are not born equal" wtf...I don't understand how people can think that...it is so barbaric! How does anyone's genes make them better or worse than any other person??? And when you say "things like athleticism, artistic flair, beauty, loyalty and intelligence" are the things that contribute to human worth, I would remind you that not everyone would agree with you about that...therefore it IS subjective, each person has a unique idea about what "worthy" is...and in my mind everyone is equally human! Geez...I'm still stunned at what you just said! In our society, worthy is defined as one's ability to contribute to society...though our way of measuring it is very biased...but that is what we reward with our chosen reward system (money). Your definition of worthy is much more broad, but based on the same principles...doesn't mean that only people who are good at sports, art, looking good, being sheeple, and being "smart" (whatever that means) are the only ones who are 'good' at being human...because that is not what being human means...at least not to *everyone*...perhaps it IS to you...in which case, I am sorry...it must be very hard for anyone to base their self worth on 5 little things, all of which are determined by others who are inherently biased and do not really know you or what you have gone through.

sonnett...it's not a "fair start" because it isn't something that increases or decreases in time...everyone is equal...and it isn't changing! How is it unrealistic to believe THAT????

That's what genes do - they make one person taller than another, one person smarter than another, one person faster than another. You're right, it's barbaric. Or at least very unfair. Sometimes the traits are not objectively better or worse, sometimes they are. Sometimes qualities in one area compensate for a lack of qualities in another. Sometimes they don't. But the sad truth is that there really are bad people and there really are people who have very little to contribute to the world. I didn't always believe it. Douglas Adams addresses the issue in Hitchhiker's Guide.

And I said things like athleticism, artistic flair, beauty, loyalty and intelligence. It's not an exhaustive list, not even the beginning of a comprehensive list.

"Sometimes the traits are not objectively better or worse, sometimes they are." How can they be objectively judged? We ascribe our values on people when we judge them, we say "tall is *better* than short, fast is *better* than slow, math is *better* than art"...but that is the epitome of subjective. How can there be a 'comprehensive list"?? Can you sum up a person's worth via all the the criteria you deem worthy/unworthy characteristics and say that that list is objective and that everyone's list should include the items you listed on your list and that all the 'worthy' characteristics are 'worthy' in everyone else's point of view? no. We all have different ideas about what is worthy or noble...ALL of us. There is no one right way to judge someone else...just as there is no one right way to be human. It is ALL subjective. And I did not say that MY view was that a person's worth was based on their contribution to the world...I dont believe that at all...i said that is what society holds true, that is the hegemonic view of things.

Objectively, having the mental or physical capacity to perform some task or function is better than not having the capacity to do so. It's that simple. In truth, I agree with most of what you say but you've pushed it too far. Yes, beauty (and every other quality) is to a very large extent in the eye of the beholder and, yes, one person or one grouping has no right to identify the only criteria to be considered when determining human worth and the weight to be attached to each criterion. But you cannot seriously dispute that, objectively, lawyers and realtors are of no value to society and should be left to fend for themselves on some remote and ill resourced island.

"having the mental or physical capacity to perform some task or function is better than not having the capacity to do so"...not necessarily, there are things people *can* do which are pretty pointless...If I could lick my elbow, would that mean I am better (more "worthy") than someone else because they cant? And things people CAN do which they prolly shouldnt...ex: someone who CAN kill another human being...is that really an advantage? And finally distinguish between 'ability' and 'need'...ex: someone who can't fold their socks vs. someone who can't NOT fold their socks...which one is better/worse? Furthermore, there are infinite things that one CAN do, infinite possibilities, we can't always tell what someone can or can't do from the outside...nor could we even make a list of all the possibilities to be measured if we could measure them. LOL @ lawyers and realtors.

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I'm sure I've said this a million times, but you have a wonderful way of seeing the world. Things like this have been irking me way too much lately, too, and I really hate how annoying it gets (especially when people judge us on one thing and yet never once think about judging themselves on every other aspect of being human...)

:) yep