I Always Have And Always Will,with Pride

Society despises me for who I am,which is very good news to me.I despise society for the control system it is,no more than this.I want a new beginning,a new world,governed by the laws of loving kindness towards all living creatures on this earth,not the corrupt,lying,deceiving and murdering regime we have been stuck with for so long.I want a world of lovers,not haters,a world where all have enough to eat,not an elite who have more than they could spend in a million lifetimes,manipulating and keeping the masses in ignorance for their own profit and gain.I want a world where I am forced to leave this group,because it is no longer true.
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i agree with you

A world of love has always been desirable, but will never happen. We have different beliefs, but I tend to agree we are here to learn about our selves, to learn what hate is and how not to use it. We are to face the many desires of flesh and material; learn how to balance our need for them. There is only one way for utopia to exist, the people must all be exactly the same and follow under a single controlling entity, this we will not do as a result from our independent spirit. You are right, it's ignorance that keeps humanity in the dark, it's a significant reason for many of the problems that exist today. I will be a rich "elitist" but here is an interesting point about that. See, I am going to spend in some ways that others will view as wasteful, but is it really wasteful? I wan't to buy a new Cirrus SR-2 Aircraft, it's going to cost about $650,000. Do you have any idea how many families are going to have fun together and how many people are going to eat because I bought that plane? It's crazy to find out, that number is in the thousands. Fact is, rich people spend lots of money in wasteful ways, but that spending is thousands and thousands of other peoples lively hood. The worst thing a rich person can do to others is stop spending their money on things. Here is an interesting fact, rich people spend more money on domestic goods than the poor do. It's funny because the poor who get upset they can't make a living, keep purchasing goods from other countries. One would tend to think that spending on domestic goods would cause the domestic economy to grow and oddly enough, make the poor more wealthy. Most of our problems today have formed from the most basic of decisions, for economy it's that small decision to purchase import over domestic. That decision alone multiplied by the masses who make it, is the fundamental tiny decision that has created our economic hell thus a mass increase in crime.

Thank you for your comments,heres how I see it.Nobody can state with certainty what will be,has been,will not be,orhas not been.We can surmise,but there is no way to know whether what we surmise is going to be true until that time comes,or does not.
The system which we are born into shapes and moulds our minds,attitudes and beliefs.Those who decide what we will be taught are those at the top of the authorities which govern us,and it would be unrealistic to expect their agenda to be anything other than remaining in control,and strengthening their grip on power.To achieve this,we are told falsehoods rather than truth,from birth onwards.So we are faced with a struggle to free ourselves of this mindset,designed to keep the status quo.But before we can struggle against it,we must first realise there is a struggle to be fought.In other words,we need the insight of being mind controlled and the reasons why.Most do not have this insight,being so brainwashed they will die to remain in slavery willingly,not able to contemplate a different world,different motives other than greed,power or any of the vices which corrupt.For example,I am community mobbed by neighbours,housing authorities,various groups(masons,neighbourhood watch,church societies)and the mobbing is managed by the police.Why are these people doing this to someone they would wish to find their child if lost,because my kind would return their child safely and unharmed to them?Obviously these people do not believe this would be the case,not because of my actions,but because of the lies spread by others about me.The lies are spread by the police when initiating the mobbing agenda and carry on from that point.Why would the police do this?Because they believe people such as myself,who desire fairness and justice(real justice)for all as a threat to the present regime.
Im stopping here because I could write so much more on this,but do not have the wish to at this moment.And theres always the chance Im boring the pants off the readers.

Oh you and I are going to get along just fine. =) As you've noticed, I am a long winded writer, I held back for the same reason; I am always worried I will bore my reader before he/she reaches the bottom. I actually appreciate the long response, it's nice to read from someone who takes the time to think. If you live in an association I understand the mobbing. I told my realtor when I was looking for a house that I already said no to any associations. I ended up with a house which is part of town but considered county, it's not part of any associations and my neighbors are weird like me so it's peaceful here. I would return a lost child too, but here they are never lost, most of the neighborhood kids think of me like a second big brother. Here is how I view money: Money is a direct representation of my time spent to acquire it. Since money represents my time, it means that everything I give my money too is the same as giving my life hours. I can't ask for more life hours, I can use them till they run out, then I am dead. I want to know my life hours are worth something so that's why I still find value in money to a point. If I did not have money, I would have to trade something for something as trade is inevitable. I prefer money simply because of it's versatility, it's easier to trade with VS items or physical skills. I have more to write buy I had to stop here as I need to go somewhere, thanks for your long winded response, I enjoyed it.

Dragonsteel,its admirable that you give money,respect.But money cannot always be the answer to whats needed,sometimes its understanding,loving kindness and even just a listening ear needed,as I know you know.If I offended with my last reply,I apologise,no offence meant,I had other things I had to do.Once on my speakers podium I can blahblahblahblah away forever. :)

It's all good, I don't really get offended by much of anything, I enjoy a good conversation and/or debate however. Actually I am very down to earth, anyone who knows me know they can rely on me to offload their frustrations. I am actually very giving of my resources, I never charge for my help and I regularly loan out my resources without the expectation of something in return. Your right, in personal relationships money has very little bearing. Economy is all about trade however, money, time or anything else; trade is the very definition of economy ultimately. A good friend is always appreciated, they can't be purchased or just taken, good friends are a gift of the kindness we give. It's indeed true, in this world we receive back which we give forth. Love is something I give freely for I can't expect any if I am unwilling to give it. No worries, one thing I can do is talk until I stop making sense to even my self...hehe!

Perhaps we should start a wafflers club :)

Very well put and said my friend,thank you :)

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