Who Am I ?

Well as a young child I was always very keen on my senses as a human being. There were days when I could tell when someone was coming to our doorstep or when they would call our phone. I grew up in a Pentacostal Holiness Church down here in the South, here in the USA..... Raised in a small town where everybody knew your name. There were days when I would wonder how on Earth did I know this would be. I have seen exorcisms, miracles, demonic spirits, angels, and more. My mom and my grandmother are both prophetesses and so it has been passed down to me. I can see. Not everything that you can see. My eyes go deep, and over your usual destination far out into the universe and beyond. I know what death looks like, and I know when babes are to be born.
I see the vibrations, the souls, the moods of other people daily. I can tell when they are up, and I can tell when they are down. So this is my precious gift, and not a curse. Because whatever is given to me by God, is only a benefit and a blessing
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Awesome. How close do you have to be to a person to sense their vibrations and emotions?

They can be on the other side of the world. The further they are away, the more I can feel them. This may not be the case for another. =)

We talked earlier, so what vibes do you get from me? I can handle the truth :P

One year later, and this story still hits home.

Thank you very much. =)

it's a very special gift, use it right ^.^

Your gift is very special. Not only does it allow you to connect with yourself, others and just life in general. It also allows you to feel compassion and empathy on a level unknown to most. You are special indeed my friend.

Funny I was raised the same way.....Exactly

Wow. Lovely.

Yes, this is me. And I am at a place in my life where I do not wish to stray from this anymore.

Thank you. This is only the beginning..........

What you have needs to be used for good, and for your own peace of mind. Thank you for sharing your story.