Please Forgive Me ~

Please forgive me for the wrong that I have done,
I should have never doubted that you were second to none. *
I strayed myself from the truth out of ignorance and fear,
Because my heart got scared when I saw you got so near.
For every minute you are gone, is like an eternity to me,
The devil made me blind, and your love I could not see.
So now I am lost, confused, void, and numb,
I cannot believe that I acted ever so dumb.
My past came back to haunt me once again in the night,
But being the Man that I am, I never back down from a fight.
I never back down from a fight, that just might define my whole life.
You were betrayed and I know that it cut just like a knife.
Is this worth the time now, must we throw everything away.
There's not enough words to express how I feel about you........
It would take much more than a sheer moment or a day.
For in my eyes, you shine bright like the Eastern star,
And yes, I often wonder who you truly are.
Is she an angel, that stopped my way, showed me how grand life can be,
For you just don't know how much you mean to me.
I am only human, AND that is who I am.
I would cross the 7 RAGING seas for you, or even a hot deserted land.
Now I must make a change........ so this day I make my heartfelt plea.
I was wrong for what I did to you.
So I ask, please forgive me.

I reach out my hands, and embrace you all with my heart and soul.
You are more precious(to me) than the purest of golds.
My pride has been forsaken, my humillty for all the world to see.
I ask once again my love, please will you forgive me.
zonus zonus
31-35, M
12 Responses Nov 5, 2012

its beautiful

Thank you.

Yes. Thank you very much.

Have you been forgiven? If not, you should be.

No. =)=)

Thanks everyone for your comments here.

Yes, I did. Anyway.......................=)

Thank you much.

Dude this is amazing

LOL. Thank you for the compliments friend.


I forgive you!! Oh, wait...not for me?? Oh, darn!

Thanks. =)

Who could not forgive you after this......I forgive you for her....Hugs

Thank you very much.