Dear Mr President

Good evening ladies and gentlemen of The Experience Project. Now as many of you already know, we just had a major Election here in the US this week. President Barack H. Obama was re-elected on November 6, 2012. He will remain in office for a second term or 4 more years. Dont you just love the sound of that. But before you get all excited, let me tell you a story about this Man.
About 15 years ago, Obama growing up as a young lawyer and community organizer was introduced to the secrets of the universe and the society, too.
It is said, that he is the 'chosen one'. What does that really mean ? Here you have an African-American male, who announces to the world so suddenly that he wants to be President of the United States of America. In our country we are at a breaking point, and in a very racially charged atmosphere. It seems a bit much for one to fathom right ?  Wrong...........George Bush Jr hand picked Obama to be our commander n chief. Bush and his father Bush Sr are both members of the
Skull and Crossbones society. This is a worldwide fraternal order at a major university in the NorthEastern section of the country today. Very common among the wealthy elites and politicians. So yes, appointed to lead us into a very compromising situation. The Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, George Soros, The Federal Reserve,* The Bush Administration, The European Union, Nation Of Islam, Muslim Brotherhood,  The Catholic Church and Pope of Rome. They all agreed to allow this Man into office for 8 years in order to promote their sinister agenda. President Obama and Mitt Romney was just entertainment as this is with politics in general. The idea is about money and personal gain. It is about pride and lust of flesh. In the last days, Men will be lovers of self, and this is said in the Word Of God. It is a long story, but I think that you get the picture. This whole Democrat vs Republican skit, is nothing more than a scam. You have been manipulated by the status quo and they are dividing and conquering humanity as we speak.
But their doom is iminent, because there are forces of light that are about to intervene. Stay tuned. And be very aware of what is around you.
Do not believe what you see or hear from them, the outsiders, the Shadowy Elites. They are your enemies and not your friends  They(The Illuminati) think that they have global control.  But a new day is coming, and soon goodness will overcome. Good day.
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Henry Kissenger, Nixon's Secretary of State admitted 4 yrs ago that Obama was being " Primed " to lead the U.S. and the rest of the world into the New World Order. now, as of present time, most people dispell that fact. Obama will be the first Leader of the One World Government this is coming.....and will be here soon. his ( Obama) first step is to have the constitution replaced and put a new constitution into power. taking the rights of the citizen away, and forcing his will upon the people. so many blind eyes can't see the real hidden agenda behind his re-election. his purpose, as I have stated on many posts was to destroy America by stripping us of our constitutional rights. the only hope we have at this time is to get him impeached from office, and send him to prison for the rest of his life ! he allowed Americans to die in benghazi, Hillary Clinton stood by as Cszar Obama, his administration did nothing ! they watched on a live stream as they were murdered ! Obama should be charged with conspiracy, murder, falsification of documents, treason, and purjury. Clinton should be charged for covering up a conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and purjury ! they lied ! would love to post more, but, unfortunately, anything that has to do with this current administration makes my blood boil !

Kissinger is one of the main ingredients. Not to mention Fox News Rupert Murdoch and friends. You saw what happened with him and that news journalist over in
the UK. More lies, more propaganda, more bull crap for people to follow.
You would think that after all the lies that Obama and Romney tell, people would have ran as far away from these polls as possible. But pride is a dangerous thing and sometimes we walk in the flesh and not in Faith.
But they are here, and they are about to make a major move via Anti-Christ.
This guy will rise from the East and call himself God. But he is not.

it's those of us that know the truth, which scares the Obama camp ! be ready to be rail cared off to a camp ! they may be able to put us in a concentration camp, but, we will still shout from the mountain tops !

Very funny. But obviously you have not been around the principalities of darkness as I have.
People tell me things daily, that would make the hair stand up on your back my friend.
You dont have a clue. Save the nonsense for your tin hat friends. Im not interested. =)

Do not forget your tinfoil hat

Look at the bad energy that we are enduring now. Wars, famines, floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters at epic proportions and in places that have never seen such horror before. Pay close attention to what is going on around you and the current events going on overseas, mainly Israel. =)

no i am not happy with him being re-elected

What are your sources?

It is controversial to post here. I could and have at times gotten into trouble for doing such horrid things. =)

Well, even if I knew you well, I would have trouble believing something like this on your word alone....