I Am Forgiven ~

I am forgiven for the wrong that was done.
But.....this love has waxed bitter cold and I see now you are not the one.
The dream became a nightmare, I saw snakes crawling on my wall.
I never realized for a second, you would have been my downfall.
Your smile, that alluring charm, it was like a drug to me.
My eyes were so blind, and in the pit of darkness I could not see.
How delightful it was to watch you play the game as if you were my wife.
You almost had me fooled, you almost took my life.
Oh what a tangled web, this black widow has weaved,
I wanted to go then, but you would not let me leave.
Your spell enchanted me deeply, I was stuck on your bosoms like glue.
But for whatever reason my dearly departed
It was always about you. *
The days went by and the tears rolled from your misty eyes,
I felt sorry for you at times, and yet you still bore lies.
You still cursed me daily, because you swore I was the devil.
It is all so clear now, that you were not on my level.
Although my tongue sharp, I tried to save you from the pain.
Because even though I told the truth,
It often was like a bullet to your brain.
The glass on the wall, was trying to show you yourself
Was I to allow the demons around to consume one until nothing was left.
I would rather you kill me in cold blood, than to watch you die before my eyes.
And again when the trumpet blows, like a rose from concrete still I rise.
Beyond the lust, the greed, the passion and yes
You were so divine.
I drank to much, I was feeble and drunk
My belly filled with your wine.
Was it all to good to be true, was I the only one who was wrong,
Who would have known that this lil red robin could sing such a sweet song.
This too has passed on, and now we all know the whole truth.
The house that she built was mold, and there was a leak in the roof.
That was the dream that I saw, my eyes open wide,
When you walk with a stranger, you never know what's at the end of the ride.
And once again, I am Forgiven, but I reclaim my pride.
I should have never even let you take her away from my side.
I am Forgiven.

And here the story ends.
But even though the voice of reason cries ever so loud,
We will always be just friends.
I am Forgiven.
zonus zonus
31-35, M
4 Responses Nov 20, 2012

Thank you.

Amazing! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Joy always come in the morning light. And today I see the light. *

Thank you.