I Think Weird

I think different than anyone I know.For example when people talk about history like Christopher Columbus that he discovered America well I think what if someone else found it and he took the credit.Sometimes when someone say says a legend like the girl in Colorado who was said to be raped and the someone says that fake it just a myth.I say in my mind just because it isn't written in textbooks doesn't mean it isn't true.My imagination is really big and weird when someone is just about science and facts,I am exactly opposite.

My friend is the exact opposite of me.She believes in what books say.I don't.She says every thing has to have a logically explanation.I don't.She doesn't believe in ghost.I do....ect..
I think science and the "facts" are just illusion. Some people don't want to know the truth because they don't want to get their illusions to fade.The truth being that most of the things in life are just magical and can't be explained so they make up some fake excuse.

Once me and my friend were at the store and it started raining.I was so excited but my friend wasn't she said she wanted the war of the sun.i told her you can't have sunshine without a little rain.Also i see beauty in everything like when someone can be the rudest person ever I think what happened to that wonderful person to make them act like that.You wanna know the weirdest part.

I'M 13!!
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

You are intuitive authentic, and you are not afraid of thinking outside the box, this is rare! As for Columbus, British submarinist Gavin Menzies claims in his book that the Chinese discovered America.