What We Perceive Is What It Is.

I loved to sit in the shopping malls,drinking tea and watching the body language of passerbys.I am not being judgemental but merely assessing my skill in the reading body language.With the ability to assessed and the skill of listening carefully to what is spoken,i have been able to understand more of a person's needs.These skills were put in good use when i was a Realtor and is also very helpful to me now as a coordinator in my business.I could really tell a client's needs over the phone.It helps me in have the right perception of my daily living especially at my present state.I am mostly home bound due to my health challenges and my journey to my self discovery to find myself.With the right perception,life experiences and great doctors and psychologist,i hope to overcome my health challenges.Its an important chapter of my new life.
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Hi my dear Lorraine.I realesed my "grooming" over the years being an overcomer.and survivor made me think and act differently.My reaction in the beginning of my health challenges were another lesson from God.This lesson is by far the toughest but rewarding once i overcome and survive. Blessings and Love.

I love your attitude !<br />
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Most people with health issues would sit and whinge "why me" BUT not you....it's a new chapter in your life.<br />
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huggsssssssssss<br />