50 More Fun Facts About Zonus !

Okay. Didnt wanna really do this. But it was created out of popular demand.
So here goes............

1) I do love shrimp. I believe it is the 8th wonder of the world.
2) I am not afraid of snakes. But will avoid picking up ones with poison.
3) I like to hunt small game animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and other critters that may be nice to devour for dinner.
4) My favorite dog is a German Shepherd.  Favorite rapper is LL Cool J.
5) I am crazy about that Mercedes Benz. Love em all, any model.
6) I sleep on my back. Never on my stomach or side.
7) I have medium brown eyes, which are passed to me from mom. =)
8) I learned to ride a bike when I was a Twelve years old.
9) I love tall buildings, and like to ride the elevator to the top often.
10) I love insects.
11) I use to draw, but does not do so anymore.
12) I got into a real fist fight with some guys who I thought were my friends.
13) I love guns. My favorite is the beautiful 12-guage black barrel.
14) I like action movies most of all. Or anything epic like Lord Of The Rings.
15) I have a HUGE crush on Vanessa Willams. Superstar and singer.
Google her if  you have no idea what I mean. *
16) My favorite teacher other than my Kindergarten one, was a guy named
Mr Rose. A White Man.............He said that I was a very 'unique' individual and different from the crowd.
Ill never forget who he was.................
17) I can say the alphabets backwards and quickly. Or use to anyway. =)
18) I love to date. I go to places where the lights are dim, and the food is high quality or from the sea.
19) I dont like people who are afraid of everything and everybody.
If you dont stand up for yourself, then nobody will.
20) I can be blunt at times. My words sometimes hurt people.
21) Im very forgiving.
22) Im hardly in a bad mood. When I am though, I am usually quiet and reserved.
23) I like old antique nostalgic things. Old movies, old homes.........
24) I like classic old cars, too.
25) I love to wear leather. Coat or jacket that is.
26) I use to have a bald head. Might try it again next year.
27) I cannot stand hot weather. I prefer the cold.
28) I was born in the month of December. So you know whats up with me.
29) I am the oldest of 4 children.
30) I met Governor Mark Sanford before. LOL.
31) I have a dying addiction for sweets.
32) I was 15 when I had my first job.
33) I play video games when I can. But would rather the one arcade classics from the good ole days.
34) I read a lot of magazines and newspapers, too.
35) I love the mountains. Enjoyed Greenville SC many days...........
36) I love the water, too. See it daily..... But the mountains are somewhat better.
It just sends chills up my spine when I see those giant mounds touch the sky.
37) Did I tell you I like anything foreign ?
38) I can bowl.
39) I love watching football on tv, especially college. Go Gators.
40) I like anything that is mysterious to me.
41) I love a Woman who can tell me something about myself and make me think about it all the way.........
42) I dont like it when people stare at me. Unless its something or someone I dont mind. =()
43) I do like attention sometimes. Can u tell.
44) I can deal with liars. Because I can tell when most people are.
45) I dont offend or get angry easily. You have to really do something bad to make me mad.
46) I like horror movies, too. Seen it all before.
47) What are you looking at ?
48) Been to NY before and Philly. Saw a bunch of junk in both places.
49) My favorite computer is the almighty Dell.
50) And last but not least. If you have a question to ask me today.
Then by all means necessary, go right ahead. Dont hold back. Good day.
zonus zonus
31-35, M
6 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Thanks. I added you on my list on the latest story. Check that out, too.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot Lush. *

This is a nice list. :) Very eccentrically...whimsical. :)


Thank you Queen Ohara. See number 13 for more info on weaponry dear/ And yes, that is true. Alphabets backwards on a good day. =)