My Predictions For The Year 2013 ~

Well I do believe that after what we have experienced this year in 2012, it was still very much a shock to me.

I believe that in 2013, we are going to continue to see more irrational events all throughout the world. There is going to be your annual big storm for sure.
Government will be held more accountable for the inadequacies that they
ordain. A major world leader named Nelson Mandela, is said to be near death.
So we dont know how long he has left right now. The US economy will improve slightly and consumer confidence will remain as materialism and personal
greed devour our souls. Expect more chaos from the Middle East and more
opposition towards the Jews. Islam is going to get an even more scrutinized as time goes on, even though its number and membership will enlarge. Video games will become more realistic and more violent in spite of the outcry of its influence towards young children and what they observe. Technology is going to explode such as a time like never before. We will be able to connect with each other from a much more intimate, more  psychological point of view. So if you happen to get a product that can actually read your mind, dont be surprised. Relationships will be defined outside of marriage. I see unexpected breakups on the way. More babies, and single mothers in the picture........ Music will find some sort of revolution, and at the same time, there will be superstars who perpetuate lower quality material of course. YOUTUBE is our television now.   This is now the norm.  Some will question the relevency of religion in the midst of tribulation.  War will go on.
Lets see..............2013 is going to be just as complex and transcendent as the previous year as we overcome our social ills and anxieties and try to find more ways to appease. Weight lost and diets will be a mandate. The media will grow even more intense and manipulating as before. Friday is the new Monday, a day when major stories will be exposed.  Death will be as common as life.  More celebs will go and it may be a bit disturbing as it will be in places unforseen.
So brace yourself my friends, there is so much to say today.  But I guess as for now, this is all I will say. 
zonus zonus
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4 Responses Dec 20, 2012


They say that 2012 was the end of an era. Right now we have been moved to another dimension. Brace yourself..........This is going to get real interesting. =)

Yep, that is probably what will occur. Life is tough no matter what year. It's the unpredictability of people and when they will strike. They; meaning anyone with a dastardly plan.

Please keep writing this. You seem gifted with some sort of foresight.

I will. I am changing and making some important additions as I go along.
Thank you. And check out the rest of my stories here at EP.

I will. :)