Zonus Is Leaving The Experience Project ~

Good evening my fellow friends. I am afraid that I have some very sad news to give to you all here today. I  Zonus, will be leaving EP at the end of this calendar year. Its nothing bad or anything like that. But I have decided to go because I have come to the end of my rope here. In other words, my world has been elevated to a much higher plane now, so I must fly off into the wilderness in which reality demands it. The birds are calling me now, and life is good. I do not want to go into anymore details than that. =)
But anyway, you probably get what I am saying though. It has been fun and this place has really made me a much better individual inside and out.
I have made many friends here as well, some of who I plan to keep in touch with after my great departure later on in 2013. So until that time comes, I plan to blow the roof off this sucker. Any comments or questions. Speak now or forever hold on to your peace. Good day. =)
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I am glad you changed your mind. : )

Yes, I had a change of heart. And that is because the people here value me as a friend, and I do value them in return. Good day.

Aww...I'm having a blast reading your stories and look forward to more. I do understand your feelings on EP. I've been hearing from people who reminisce of the days of old. Frankly, I've seen a sharp decline in my one year of being here -- mostly the site changes.

Yes. But somehow it always seem to picks itself back up when we least expect it too. Shell be back. I know she will. =)

Gosh, why are you leaving! I really wanted to get to know you! : (

I saw someone on here write that most EPeeps don't make it past six months. And here you are giving a one year notice (well, eight months now)? I'm just hoping I don't burn out and leave before I've made it a few months.

Perhaps you have missed my last story titled, Zonus Talks Openly About EP.
See it now. The bus will be gone much sooner than you think. =)

How long 'till the bus is gone? You didn't really seem to give the reasons, just that you have to go. I assume that was intentional, but I can't help but wonder what is going on behind the scenes. And wonder... is that same thing in store for me...and the rest of us who stick around here...?

No. I just need to step away from EP. Its ran its course for me. And its not as fun as it use to be as far as Im concerned. But you can stay if you wish to do so.
Hold down the fort. Enjoy.

Hooked...........Well that is a common sentiment my dear friend. Perhaps it is my infectious charm that does the trick. =) Thank you for sharing your thoughts here today.... Enjoy me while you can. =)

I understand Louisiana. By the way, the Super Bowl is in New Orleans this year.
Did you see how Mercedes Benz corporation has remodeled that place. Wow !
It looks brand spanking new. Logo on the roof and all. They did a great job
after that Katrina disaster a few years back. 40 years later, the Superdome lives......

Don't go... I'd like to get to know you more.

You're giving twelve months notice? Why? Good grief. And good luck...whatever...

Well it was because I didnt wanna do this at such short notice. I wanted to give other people time to know me before I go. I plan to do other things here at EP as well, like read peoples experiences and fellowship with those I normally dont
associate with. But yes, Zoranna. Its true......I definitely enjoyed your answers for sure. =)

I honestly think you are just seeking attention here, crying wolf. If you really wanted to leave you would just do it. But each to their own. Best wishes whatever way. :)

Now why would you think that given that you have no idea why this all came to be in the first place. The fact that you are here saying all of this to me.............I could easily say that you Zoranna are seeking attention here. Now chew on that. =)

I hope you're a man of your word :)

Why do you say this. =)

Cos I don't like people that don't keep there word :)

Do u want me to leave that bad. I pity you. =)

No I don't want you to leave, but if you don't keep your word I pity you :D

Im gonna miss you the most. No. Just kidding. =)

Awww that's nice :))

Now go away. LOL.


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Oh Hell No you ain't...Please don't leave us Zonus...

Yes, it is true Vickie Prince. I do believe that this is my last year here
at The Project. But perhaps you can convince me to stay.
I doubt it....... =)

Well we will just have to see about all that now :)

Yes, we will wont we. =-) Give it your best shot. =)

Oh baby yeah...A challenge..Me like..lol

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Thank you very much my dear friend. You will also be missed.

I understand what you are saying my friend. But the truth remains..............I am leaving.
Thanks for your response. =)

If you ever find trouble or the feeling of loneliness again you could always come back. Hope I reach as far as you have reached and evolve from the experience project. Have a good life! :)

Like some others, I just entered where you left, glad it helped you and that you found what you were looking for. I have just been a few days here and it helps me already too.
Wish you all the best, be happy always!

Thank you so much. And yes, please make yourself comfortable here when you can. It truly is worth the time. Good luck and God Bless.

Thank you :-)

I wish only the very best for you!!! God Bless and Good Luck..

:) go in peace

Thank you my friend. Have a nice day.

Zonus, im still entering in the EP which you are about to leave. Well life is good. Nice journey and dont hasitate to come back.

Greetings. Yes. EP is a very interesting venue my friend. Get to know people here.......Talk to them, challenge them, and most of all. Love them for who they are as you would want them to do unto you. Thank you for your response
Foaster. You will hear more about me as time goes on. Good day.

Zonus, im still entering in the EP which you are about to leave. Well life is good. Nice journey and dont hasitate to come back.

wow I'm new so I don't know your place in the heirachy. but I'd imagine its near the top. if so, could you help me get my first word capital letters sorted. They never happen straight off.

LOL. Greetings my friend. Well yes, I must say I have a special place here at EP like many others. Glad you came by. Happy New Year.

Guess we will just have to enjoy what time we have left....Reminisce about the past and look forward to future endeavours. I wish you all the luck in the world and nothing but the best. you will be missed my friend...Take care!

You will be missed for sure Gloria. But dont worry, there is still some more tricks left in the bag. An explosion is a brewin. Happy New Year. =)

Of all of the things I have witness in this place. Whether it was, political, religious, social, mystical, hypothetical, critical, or more. It was incredible. I have never experience the stuff on any other online network I have seen in this place. I have encountered some
very very strange and highly intelligent beings at EP/
I believe some aliens are watching me. You never know, but some of my emails from 2012 were EPIC. Wow, enough said.

??? Where are you going??Seriously are you joking??

Im not joking around. But this must be. It was fun though, and still is. But my life is changing rapidly. I must move on..............

I apologize my friend. But this must be done. (shooting horse with broken leg)

This news greatly displeases me.

You are loved my friend. Peace be with you.