Zonus Is Leaving The Experience Project ~

Good evening my fellow friends. I am afraid that I have some very sad news to give to you all here today. I  Zonus, will be leaving EP at the end of this calendar year. Its nothing bad or anything like that. But I have decided to go because I have come to the end of my rope here. In other words, my world has been elevated to a much higher plane now, so I must fly off into the wilderness in which reality demands it. The birds are calling me now, and life is good. I do not want to go into anymore details than that. =)
But anyway, you probably get what I am saying though. It has been fun and this place has really made me a much better individual inside and out.
I have made many friends here as well, some of who I plan to keep in touch with after my great departure later on in 2013. So until that time comes, I plan to blow the roof off this sucker. Any comments or questions. Speak now or forever hold on to your peace. Good day. =)
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31-35, M
24 Responses Jan 3, 2013