How We Change From Within

As adult we understand and realize right from wrong. When we go for right and leave wrong.
We are angels :))

As we get older, and sometimes we feel or need to make exceptions. Those moments, we decide that some wrongs are needed for avoiding few problems, or to escape an ordeal.
We are thinking like humans..

Then our own advantages and pleasures gets more important than values and morals, we start learning ways to by-pass the rules. Always on watch for loop holes in the system for a swing.
We are partners with the evil.

As, we progress and find that right way was making us go against the tide, and we are making more enemies than friends. We now feel, that evil ways are practical and the right " no way "
We have become evil. We now promote the evil ways, join hands to the dark side and try to crush those on the right path.
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you are at which stage?