I Think And Make You Too :)

Imagine if I could think something and you would also think same..life would be boring. Who needs a yes man..none..except those who are Egoistic and self centred idiots ;)
Normal people like difference of opinion, not necessarily to be fighting or daggers, just not like a puppy, waging a tail and tongue is hanging..for a lick ;) especially if the born is hard, juicy and moving ..hmmm and its getting bigger with each lick..and getting harder..then this bone is good and maybe a doggy style would give a deeper penetration and satisfaction..sucking it is so enjoyable..it got real warm juice..and hmmmmmmm
Do you think..I think differently?
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

i never change and you know im always the same and as for my comment i think everything we do is acceptable its the person who will think its ok or not but as i always say men and women is equal and what ever the write she or he maybe can express what is inside her or his mind.