50 More Facts You Didnt Know About Zonus !

Okay, lets see.........

1) I believe that God first and foremost is the Creator and Founder of all things underneath.
2) Life is short, so I say why not give anything a try.
3) I was born a premature baby and was 8 months out of the womb.
4)I almost cried on my first day of school.
5) I was told that as a young child I would fight people over material things.
6) They said Zonus, you know you use to pinch me. =)
7) My favorite day of the week is Friday, Saturday is close behind.....
8) April is the most beautiful month of them all.
9) I think that love is a state of mind just like happiness is.
10) I was almost destroyed as a baby, but was saved by a relative
as a house was buring to the ground.
11) I love to walk on the boardwalk here in town even when the weather is not so warm.
12) I love the ocean, and the lovely fish out in the sea.
13) Every Woman that I have dated has received at least one rose
from me.
14) I lost my first dog in an accident, his name was Frisky.
15) I went down South to Atlanta Georiga at only 8 years of age.
I could not believe how many tall buildings I had seen.
16) My grandmother, mothers mom, had 14 kids.
17) Second favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry too.
18) I prefer to think of myself as laid back and a bit mild.
19) I cannot stand it when people envy me.
20) I love to listen to pipe organ music on NPR Radio on Sundays, its so divine.
21) I like key lime pie, can you please make one for me.
22) My favorite Book in the Bible is Proverbs and Revelations is nice also.
23) I know how to dance, and yes I can really get down.
24) If you have a secret to tell me, remember I NEVER tell.
25) I enjoy NASCAR sometimes, but oh well that is just me.
26) I am a huge fan of the WWE.
27) I like Polo Ralph Lauren because the horse sign is my Zodiac sign.
28) I like going to the zoo from time to time.
29) I adore anything that is artistic, creative, and stimulates my mind.
30) I am only bored when I encounter people who are a bore.
And yes, I had that happen recently.
31) I use to be an impatient person, but my attention span is wide.
32) Favorite subjects in school were science, spelling, and math.
And yes, English was grand oh its true.
33) I like to shop, maybe this is something many of you already know.
34) I almost got shot before.
35) I am afraid of mice, but please dont tell.
36) Its crazy, because snakes just dont offend me.
37) I love chicken, baked, barbecued, stewed, or fried.
38) I think that a girl with a tatoo is sexy, so please dont ask why.
39) I hate turnip greens, that make me wanna puke.
40) I have 20/20 vision and has had that for a while.
41) I have 3 cell phones..........Is somebody trying to call me.
42) My favorite book is Where The Red Fern Grows.
43) I can watch The Lord Of The Ring Movies all day long !
44) I dont believe in magic, but one time found out that it was true.
And I may have seen a ghost or spirit, or two.
45) I like things that glow in the dark, whether it is a watch, clock, or shoe.
46) I admire President Bill Clinton, he is one of the most intelligent people in this world to me.
47) I love Mercedes Benz, but the BMW is just as fly.
48) I dont wear suits unless I am at a wedding or funeral, too.
49) Im addicted to sweets, but is eating more natural food now.
50) And this is the end. You already know enough about Mr Z. =)

Comments or questions. If not, enjoy your day.
zonus zonus
31-35, M
2 Responses Feb 6, 2013

I love Where The Red Fern Grows too :D Good story

I disagree with no. 1 completely

Thats fine. Believe what you must. But be warned, the day of recognition is near.............

You should read my stories you might like it :)

I did before. Youre too secular for me. =)

Oh well i'm sorry, i hate being judged by people like you, if you had read my stories you would know that

I dont care if you hate me or not...........I do not hate you or anyone for that matter.
All I can say is keep your eyes open my friend. Because everything you didnt know, you will soon see that it is real with thine own eyes. =)

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