They Are Totally Awesome!

While taking a hike with his daughter, my cousin found one!  A whole Elasmosaur!

He was always my favourite cousin!  I spent time with his family every holiday!  We were always the first one's up and had tea together.  A different tea every day!  We explored the world through tea!  Researched where it was grown, the customs, topography!  A geek break of our very own, every morning!  The rest of our time was spent being "cool"!!  He was also an Eagle Scout and so smart!  He was also a twin!  He was laid back, fascinated with everything!  Not your typical geek!

He lives on Victoria Island, BC.  Courtney to be exact!  They now have a fossil museum, centred around his find!  It was a life changing hike!

Check out the March/April 1992 edition of Canadian Geographic.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2011

That is so cool. I would love to see that someday. Also you will have to teach me about tea. I may like that as well.

LOL I have probably forgotten more than I remember! But I will try! We can always Google what I forget!

But you googled me and I don't exist. Perhaps because nothing mattered before I met you. We will have to regoogle later, LOL.