Did You Know That Dinosaurs Didn't Exist?

Shocking, huh? True story: 

One morning when I was working at my casino job back when I was a university lad, I was reading a newspaper story about a new fossil site discovery in our state of Montana. Naturally I was very interested, and after I was done reading it I passed the paper to one of my co-workers and a pretty good friend of mine. She took one look at the headline of the story and said she wasn't interested.

Why not? I asked. "Oh, I don't believe in all of that dinosaur stuff. It goes against my religion" (She's Catholic)

She was an otherwise normal person, but I admit I just stared at her in confusion for a few seconds. How can someone not believe in Dinosaurs? To me, that's like denying the Holocaust occurred.

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I'm not sure how your friend drew this conclusion. The Catholic Church has been around for a very long time and is not stupid, it does not believe that dinosaurs never existed nor does it believe that the world is only 6000 years old. The Catholic Church does not literally interpret the Bible either, they believe that the wisdom of the Bible is "in, within, and around" the story. Its the lesson that matters, not the alleged 'facts' of it.
They don't even take issue with evolution as long as one could admit that God had a hand in guiding it and that the human soul is the product of gods love.
As a Catholic who went through a life catholic schooling, (learning about dinosaurs one moment to learning about the Bible the next) it annoys me greatly to see a member of my faith operating in such error. Were certainly not perfect by any extent, but we normally have a good laugh at those evangelicals who believe such things and view the Bible as though it fell out of the sky rather than the product of hundreds of years of human revision and interpretation.

Christians are ******* stupid. They will believe anything the bible says and can't think for themselves. I myself have no religion and don't believe in any stupid bullshit. I do however think that the bible may have been written as a series of stories to teach morals. As for dinosaurs there is legitimate proof that they existed such as the fossils.

It is indeed practically on par with Holocaust denialism. Might as well continue to claim the the earth is flat, and comprises the entire universe, and that the Salem witch trials were perfectly legitimate.

as an atheist, (your free to belive whatever you want) im truly SHOCKED at people like that, it makes me so angry when people deny truth like that!

I'm Christian and I have come across others in my religion who believe this too. They say dinosaurs didn't exist because the bible doesn't talk about them. Well one, people were never ever ever walking along side dinosaurs and the bible was written by people so how could they know about dinosaurs so when they see visions or dreams about these long gone animals thu didnt call ten dinosaurs. And two, the bible does imply that there are or were dinosaurs because in Job the narrorator speaks of an ancient beast called the Behemoth and many people have said that this beast is a hippo or elephant but these animals do not have "a tail like a cedar tree and ribs made of bronze" this sound more like a diplodocus or such. Then the narrorator speaks of the Leviathan and says "who can pull the beast from the water with a fishing hook? Who can slay it when it's so armored by sharp scales? When it breaths out fire and coals?" this is said to be a crocodile but people never would have fished for crocodiles with a hook they would have ambushed them on land where people would have the upper hand. Also crocodiles do not breath fire and it is possible that some mosasaurs could have by eating platinum and their bacteria in their stomach could have produced hydrogen gas and boom fire. I know fire seems like a long shot but hey God's made an amazing world already and nothing is impossible. This is just my opinion to maybe help clear up some misunderstandings =) either way... Dinosurs Rule!! ;]

The idea of dinosaurs is not a science. Most paleontologists couldn't even put together a human skeleton without directions. There is no empirical evidence. Speaking as an analytical scientist, the fact that this crap gets the same accredidation as real science aggrevates me to no end.

weird, I'm catholic, our religion accepted existence of dinos and evolution many generations ago. don't know where the whole "it's against my religion" stance came from.

aliloveless, I respect your belief in the existence of God, Jesus and whoever. i will not knock you for that, but I need proof. The same as I need proof none of it happened or exists. Okay supposing our universe is a puddle in someone else's universe, like atoms are in ours? Who is to say what is outside of that puddle?

The fact that there is life in perfect balance is proof that there is a God. History recognizes that there was a
Man named Jesus who claimed to be the son of God and was crucified on a cross. Look up is the bible true and go through the facts an try to keep an open mind :) also watch Expelled with Ben Stine it is a good movie :) our God is very real and He loves you (=

I believe in God, Jesus and the dinosaurs! They are all real! People just want to erase events that happened a long time ago to cause deception. Trust me, this is all true.

They are learning more about dinosaurs all the time. There is genuine proof of their existance. Is there any proof that any of the bible ever happened?

The ONLY reason that some Christians dont believe in dinos is due to the whole "earth was made in 7 days" crap. Although supposedly theres a verse in Genesis describing a Brontosaurus with "a tail like the trunk of tree" but who knows..?

I have never met a Catholic that didn't believe in dinosaurs. It is usually the fundies that spout such things in my experience. My friend wanted me to watch this episode of the 18 children show. They go to a creationist museum. That was some scary **** right there.

That Satan's a busy critter, eh? <br />
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There sure are a lot of bones, eggs, footprints, frozen bodies found all over the world. Someone was scattering them to be found, as a hoax? I don't know how a person can't believe in dinosaurs.Maybe there are a few on the island ...LOST.

I remember hearing a theory once that the dinosaurs were killed in the great flood because Noah didn't have room for them. But I believed that back when I believed in Santa Claus. I guess I'm not a consistent christian. I believe in both dinosaurs and God. Who knows, maybe dinosaurs were God's experiments before Adam and Eve.

Some, not all. Like stevester said, many just believe man and dinosaurs lived next to each other. I don't know which belief is sillier, the side by side myth or the idea that all these fossils are some elaborate scheme cooked up by Satan to make us doubt God.

whoa, catholic people don't believe in dinosaurs? This is as shocking to me as learning that some christian branches believe left handed children are going to turn out evil. Weird.

Two Arks, now that would have been good, perhaps he could have bred them. So the dinosaurs were left behind, but that's just cruel. I would have liked a pet one.

It was against her religion, she's catholic. First I heard the Vatican promoted this crap. But either way there has to be something totally ****** up with people who believe this crap. even the crazies in the creationist movement believe in dinosaurs, of course they think they were all put into the Ark and then god wiped them all out 6,000 yrs ago. OK I might not have got this fairy story exactly right but u get the gist. These people are all insane and they're running the country.

My boyfriend is a geologist - he used to have the same WTF? reactions with my Christian flatmate. The look on his face when she tried to explain that fossils were fraudulant attempts by scientists to get glory and publicity in a dangerous denial of Christ were hilarious.