Dogs Playing (short Vid)

Tito - 1/2 boxer 1/4 bull mastiff 1/4 gator mouth pitt, Black with a white spot on his chest. LOVES to swim, webbed feet.
Bella - 1/2 boxer with a mystery father, suspect 1/2 chow, red and shaggy.
Madison - Pure bred gator mouth pitt, runt of the liter at 35lbs, Very fast and agile.
Sam - Lab, 12 years old.
Gina - Chow, stray that showed up at around 10 years old, she was scared and untrusting of people at first and she tried to attack the other dogs, now she loves everyone and all the other dogs. Whoever had her first was even mean to her or never showed her any attention.
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Aug 2, 2012