Discovering Boxers

I watched Greatest American Dog and fell in love with dogs all over again.

After I moved here, I have been living in rent rooms and I can not have dogs. I miss having them around and I would go nuts at other people dogs while their owner wait impatiently to run away from this weird girl :)

When I first watched the show, I really, really liked Tillman, the bulldog. His personality just shone. You know that he was his own person... or dog. He obeys Ron not because Ron's his owner but because he really likes him.

And then I was very touched by the relationship between Bill and the orange dog, Star. They are so sweet. It was abundantly clear that Bill is Star's whole world. And vice versa.

But after Tillman was sent home, the cameramen focused more on Presley the boxer. I agree that after Tillman, Presley is the most expressive guy there. His eyes, his expression... so cute. And even though he's just a puppy, he's very nice, very eager to learn. I fell in love, even though boxers have never been my favorite.

They are, now, of course.

june1999 june1999
31-35, F
Mar 18, 2009