Our *********

I met this young lady three year's ago and fell in love with her brown eye's. She was without a doubt the prettiest little thing I had ever seen and knew I wanted her. I was not sure how my wife was going to react to me bringing a female home as we had not done this before. She was tired when I got her home so she layed down on the couch to take a nap. When my wife came home from work and walked in and saw her sleeping the first thing she wanted to know was who she was. I explained to her how I met her and fell in love with her at first sight and that she did not have a home and had no place to go so I brought her home with me. I wont tell you the look I got.

Once she woke up and found the wife at home they got to know each other a little. She agreed that she could spend the night but would not say if she could stay with us or not. When it came time to go to bed that night the young lady crawled in bed between the wife and I and went to sleep. I just rolled over and went to sleep without looking at my wife. The next morning I had to go to work but the wife had the day off and I figured this would give them a little time to get to know each other. At the end of the day I called the wife and told her I needed an answer as to if " Dakota " that was her name, was going to stay with us or not because I would have to stop and grab some extra food if she was. She told me that it was not fair to her as I knew that she had a loving heart and could not just turn her out to the street's and that I better get some food for her.

Dakota has now been with us for three year's and has grown to be a fine young lady. She is very jealous of my wife, we cant even sit next to each other on the couch that she does not get in the middle of us. She still sleep's between the wife and I but the wife has adjusted to it. Her face and those brown eye's are the first thing I see each morning and I have to love her before I get to love my wife.
She has breakfast with me every morning, her favorite is scrambled egg's. We then go out for our morning walk together. She love's to play ball so we do alot of that while we are out. She love's my wife but her heart belong's to me, I guess because I was the one to bring her home. She keep's an eye on me all day, if I move to another room she is right behind me. If I am on the couch she is right beside me. She has nothing but love for me and the only thing she want's is love in return. My wife tell's me at time's that she think's I love Dakota more then her, but that aint true. I love you both the same and she fuss's at me. Dakota is now part of our family and alway's will be. Even the grandkid's love her. She has brought so much love and company into our live's that it would not be the same without her. Yes Sir, who would have ever thought that a little thing I could hold in the palm of my hand when I brought her home would split my wife and I up in the bedroom. This little four legged, bushy tailed mixed breed mutt with big brown eye's that I found at the pound. is our baby girl. And the spoiled thing know's it too.
Robert1256 Robert1256
51-55, M
Jul 16, 2010