Letting Go Of Hollymae

It was summer and I wanted some fresh picked cherrie's so we headed to the local farm market. I parked the car and while the wife waited in the car I walked in but as my luck would have it they were sold out. As I walked back to the car a van pulled in right beside us and I started to get in the car the lady in the van held up this little Pekingese puppy that you could hold in the palm of your hand. Now me being the dumb male i said, aw honey look at the puppy. That was my first mistake. About that time the lady held up four more puppie's and my wife was sitting there saying how cute they were. Now me being to stupid to learn from my first mistake I looked at her and ask her if she would like to hold one. How stupid could i get, I had just sealed the fate of what was in my wallet. My three dollar box of cherrie's wind up costing me fifty dollar's and a new puppy going home with us.

It was clear from the start that this was HER dog and they had a bond between them. My wife could not have children so this was her four legged daughter " with very big eye's and a flat face " One was never out of sight of the other. While she was still a small puppy we were having porkchop's for dinner and my wife cut a small piece and held it out to hollymae, befofe I could say dont, WOOF it was gone, she never even tasted id she just swollowed it hole. From that time on I called her " Pig " and you know if I called out Pig she would come running. I guess she thought she was getting more porkchop. She kept us company for thirteen year's.

One morning we woke up to find that she was so sick and weak that she could not even lift her head. I was off that day but the wife had to work so I got ready to take her to the vet. The last thing my wife said to me was bring my baby home to me. I wrapped her in a towel and headed out the door and when I got to the vet's office they too me right into the exam. room. They picked hollymae up and took her into the back room, in five minute's they were back. She had a tumor that had busted and was bleeding to death internally. They said that she would not be able to survive an operation at this point and that the most humane thing to do was put her to sleep. Bring My Baby Home flashed through my mind. What was I going to do, I had never had to do this and I started crying like a little baby.

I had her in my arm's like I was holding a baby, I guess I was as she was our baby. And with tear's rolling down my face I said OK. I have never felt that kind of pain in my life and I just broke. She layed in my arm's looking at me as the vet gave her the shot. I just held her looking into her eye's while telling her how much we loved her and how sorry I was. I could not controll my sobbing and just broke as her little life ended. we never broke eye contact and in less than a minute she was gone. The vet left us alone for about five minute's and when she returned she ask me if I wanted her to take care of hollymae for me, I told her no and wrapped the towel around her and we went home.

I dreaded calling my wife at work to let her know what happened. It was the next hardest thing I had ever done. I called and told her what happened and that I needed to know what to do. We had lost our poodle just six month's ago to age and had buried him int the back under the oak tree. She said that she could not bear to see her like this and ask me to bury her next to BoBo and they are together again under the oak tree. My wife went to the oak tree by herself when she got home to say her good by. I stayed on the porch and gave her her time with hollymae. As she still does often, when the grandkid's came to visit last week they took their walk down to the oak tree to visit BoBo and HollyMae and tell them how much they are still loved and missed. She was the best box of cherrie's I ever had. My wife went through mourning just like a mother loosing a child and said that there would be no more. I knew that we could not close our heart's off to the love we had for pet's because of one day loosing them. In time we did not, I found another puppy and her story is posted on here also in Our *********.
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That's the hardest thing any pet owner has had to do. :`(

That's a beautiful story ... yes dogs can become so close. We just lost a young dog in a road traffic accident and we are heartbroken. Our remaining dog also misses him terribly. I don't think a non-animal lover would ever understand how close you can get.