Most Certainly They Do.

Not a doubt in my mind that that my dogs have been my best friends. That cute little guy in the group logo...that's my lil' Pumpkin. He was the best dog I ever had & he was most certainly my best friend. He passed away this last Oct. at the age of 17 & it's been really hard without my lil' man always with me. A big part of my life is gone & I have good days & bad days. I always had animals in my life but he was something special...we had a special connection. He was so smart & although he was small in body he had the heart of a lion! He loved to romp & play & go where ever we went. He especially loved to go for walks & could find the only mud puddle around for miles...then he would head straight for it & you could see the muddy water soaking up his legs & onto his belly...yuck I'd think, what a mess, but then I'd have to smile 'cus, come on, look at that face!
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3 Responses Feb 5, 2008

yep, they ask so little and give soooo much.

My pup is my best friend. :)

Yes, they are all so very special, each and every one of them. <br />
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Thank you, he was my sweet little man.